12 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Guy On Your List

Gifts so awesome, you'll want to keep them for yourself.
12 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Guy On Your List

Every year I hear girls complaining about how they don't now what to buy their boyfriends for Christmas. If you can't think of anything, chances are you're simply overthinking it.

Just make sure to check the list of what NOT to buy him for Christmas.

Guys are simple, we're easy going and our taste stays relatively the same. There are a ton of classic gifts to choose from that are sure to please every guy on your list.

1. Bluetooth Gloves

These are an awesome little product, and they are especially conventent for skier and snowboaders. No more risk of dropping your phone in the snow, just make a phone shape with your hand and start talking.

2. Scotch

The perfect example of not overthinking it. Scotch is easy to find, it's good to have at home in case you have guests over, it looks great on a shelf and it's the perfect gift no matter what your budget is. Plus, if you're into giving multiple gifts, you can pair it with some whiskey glasses and even some whiskey rocks.

3. Straight Razor

Shaving with a regular razor is so 2010. Plus it's a subtle way to tell your man that the beard fad is over and you want to be able to see his face again.

4. Suit Stuff

Anyone can wear a suit, but it's the little things that make a big difference. I'm not saying you need to go out and buy him a new suit. But consider a gift certificate so he can get one of his suits perfectly tailored, how about some pocket squares to match his ties, a fancy tie clip or even some cuff-links.

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5. Skin Creme

Guys don't buy many beauty products for themselves, but that doesn't mean they don't need 'em. And believe me, they will thank you for it. Whoever said face creams were too feminine has never tried products from Kiehls.

6. Cologne

60% of the time, this gift works every time. A timeless gift, if he's the kind of guy who still wears cologne. (Hey, they exist)

7. Winter Gear

Surviving the cold isn't easy, but there are a few things you can buy you man that will make him thank you all winter long. Every guy could use a new set of boots, some gloves, a scarf or a hat. Or if you're looking for something original get him some Burton Base Layers, they are much warmer and more comfortable than long johns.

8. Watches

A timeless gift. Get it, timeless? But if you're going to buy him one, make sure you have a decent budget because no watch is better than cheap watch.

9. Business Card Holder

Handing out a business card is cool, but handing out a business card pulled from a beautiful, personally engraved, silver plated business card holder is simply badass.

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10. Bar Accessories

I know we covered some of these in the first point about scotch, but there are so many bar/ drinking accessories available, we'd be crazy not to mention a few. Trays, ice buckets, decanters, flasks, jiggers, muddlers and coasters.

11. Chromecast

This little device has made my life so much better. I can't even imagine owning TV without a chromecast anymore. Once you find an excuse to broadcast your phone onto your TV, you'll wonder how the hell you ever managed to put up with that tiny screen for so long.

12. Lingerie

If you really can't think of anything for him, get something for yourself. The real gift here is that your man won't have to go shopping for lingerie. Seriously going shopping for lingerie really, really sucks.

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