12 Pictures Of Montreal's "Way Cooler" Pre-Opus STM Passes

A blast from the city's public transit past.
12 Pictures Of Montreal's "Way Cooler" Pre-Opus STM Passes

Photo Cred - Siansleep, ajfis2, (^_~) [MARK'N MARKUS] (~_^), Vero.b, Robert Caron, Blog Story, Cedric Sam

The STM has been getting Montrealers where they need to go for the last two decades, at least in its current incarnation, but a version of Montreal's transit company has been in existence since the mid-1800s. Only relics of old tramways and streetcars link us to the STM's existence from way back then, but thankfully, in the modern era, we all get little mementos of the STM when riding the bus or taking the metro. Each and every STM ticket is a piece of Montreal history.

Combing through the interwebs, we managed to find some pics of old STM tickets going as far back as the 80s. Take a click through Montreal public transit history through these photos of  STM passes old and new.

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