12 Places In Canada That Have The Most Bizarre Names Ever

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12 Places In Canada That Have The Most Bizarre Names Ever

By now you've definitely read at least one list of weird town names in Canada.

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After all we have a lot of sexual sounding towns here, such a Dildo and Crotch Lake, but this list isn't about inappropriate sounding town names (for that list you’ll have to click here), it's about the towns or cities in Canada that have straight up bizarre names.

Some of these are seriously weird.

1. Medicine Hat - Alberta

So is it a hat made of medicine, or some kind of medicine dispensing hat?

2. Dawson Creek - BC

Yes, we actually have our own Dawson Creek in Canada; sadly it wasn't named after the show.

3. Salmon Arm - BC

Someone go and tell the people in BC that salmon don't have arms. Unless they mean weapons, in which case, yes the Salmon in BC are heavily armed.

4. Flin Flon - Manitoba

In Flin Flon you have to wear flip flops when you're eating fresh flan otherwise that's flim flam.

5. Saint-Ours - Quebec

In typical Canadian fashion we have a town whose name translates to "Saint-Bear". and if i told you that we actually canonized a bear in Canada oyu'ld probably belive me.

6. Moose Jaw - Sakatchewan

Because Canada.

7. Sandspit - BC

Okay this might actually be one of the most badass sounding town names in Canada. I don't know what sandspit is but i feel like it's the kind of susbstance that emlts flesh.

8. Acme - Alberta

That's where Wile E. Coyote orders all his traps to catch the Road Runner.

9. Amazon - Saskatchewan

It's a jungle out there.

10. Balls Creek - Nova Scotia

Because “Crotch Lake” just wasn't funny enough. We also have "Balls Falls".

11. Punkeydoodles Corner - Ontario

Can't tell if this is a town name, a daycare center or a crappy kids show from the 80's.

12. Big Beaver - Saskatchewan

I just added this one to the list because I have the maturity of a 12 year old.

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