12 Places In Montreal To Go On A Date During The Holidays

Celebrate the season, and each other.

The holidays are finally here, guys! (Yes, the holidays begin as of November 1.) Since it's the coziest time of the year, you might be thinking of cozying up with your S/O.

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And if you are, then you're in luck. Montreal is full of super awesome places to go to during the holidays to take the love of your life.

1. During the holidays, take your sweetheart to Luminotherapie in Place Des Arts

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This year featuring 13 zeotropes, or musical, magical movie light shows.

2. During the holidays, take your sweetheart to Place Ville Marie to get snuggly under the Christmas tree

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Up again in 2016 for the 54th(!) year.

3. During the holidays, take your sweetheart to Complexe Desjardins to watch the mall come alive for the Fontaine Boreale show.

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Between November 19 and December 31 (at specific times), you and bae can watch the mall literally come alive with water and light shows.

4. During the holidays, take your sweetheart to the Nutcracker Market

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From November 24 until December 4, check out the ground floor of Palais de Congres as it transforms into a magical Christmas market. Super romantic... plus you guys can pick up your gifts together.

5. During the holidays, take your sweetheart to the Montreal Santa Claus Parade

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If anything, for the nostalgia factor.

6. During the holidays, take your sweetheart to Old Montreal as it transforms into gorgeous a Christmas market

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Throughout the month of December, you can take the love of your life through Old Montreal, AKA Montreal's most beautiful Christmas market.

7. During the holidays, take your sweetheart to the Old Port for some skating

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Opening on November 28, there's arguably no more romantic spot in the whole city to go and get your skate on.

8. During the holidays, take your sweetheart to the Mount Royal outlook and see how gorgeous the city truly is during the winter

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Montreal is a romantic city in general, but honestly, seeing it from above with bae just adds a whole other level of awesome.

9. During the holidays, take your sweetheart to Spa Le Finlandais

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Located in Rosemere, not too far off the island, this hidden and gorgeous spa is open in the winter. Its location, amazing facilities, and super cozy feel makes it the perfect getaway for couples looking to escape the city without actually getting away from the city.

10. During the holidays, take your sweetheart to Marche Bonsecours for Montreal's chocolate festival.

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Is there any more romantic food than chocolate? Absolutely not. Which is why the chocolate fest- which usually takes place in February, and which is technically still the holidays, kind of - is such a perfect place to go to with bae.

12. If all else fails, during the holidays, take your sweetheart to any one of these spots for a delicious, warm poutine

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When you're too cold to do anything romantic, the only solution is poutine.

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