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12 Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Groceries In Montreal

Spend less, save more.
12 Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Groceries In Montreal

If there's one thing keeping Montreal from being an incredibly affordable city to live in, it's the cost of groceries. Rent may be cheap, but buying foodstuffs definitely isn't, with forking out more than you'd ever expect for a grocery bill being an ever-present reality in the city.

But the problem may not be Montreal. Rather, it's just where you're shopping, because the city does house some incredibly affordable marché, fruiteries, supermarkets, and all other manner of grocery stores. And we're not talking about random sales at giant grocery store chains, or the public markets, which can be pretty pricey.

Not sure where to find them? No problem, because we've compiled a list of where to buy cheap groceries in Montreal, with food-spots in multiple boroughs, to help you save some money on your food.


4001 Saint Laurent

If you ask any resident of The Plateau about where to buy affordable foodstuffs, their answer will almost 100% be Segal's.

Pronounced "see-gulls," even though everyone just calls it "seh-gals," the admittedly somewhat sketchy-looking grocer offers some of the best deals you'll be able to find in the borough.

At times the produce can be hit or miss, but for essentially everything else, Segal's is the spot to save. Oh, and be sure to bring your own bags, because they don't provide 'em for you.


Supermarché P.A.

4440 Samson + 1420 du Fort + 5242 du Parc

Another staple supermarket in the city's cheap grocery scene, Supermarché P.A. has prices that really can't be beat on almost every type of product. Really, the only downside is how damned packed the place can be, because everyone is looking to save at P.A.

If you happen to live outside of the Mile End area, it's definitely recommended you hit up the du Fort location, as it generally has better deals.


Fruiterie Papaye et Mangue

3429 Ontario E

With rows and rows of fruits and veggies, all at affordable prices, Fruiterie Papaye et Mangue is the ideal grocery store to get your greens, reds, or any other colour your body is hankering for.

Papaye et Mangue also has a small-ish selection of deli products and basic staples, too, if you need to grab a little something else when buying your week's worth of fruits and vegetables.


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Sami Fruits

Multiple Locations

Sami Fruits has been providing Montrealers with fresh produce at reasonable rates since 1973, making it a name synonymous with cheap-yet-great groceries. Boasting four store locations (Lasalle, St. Leonard, Ville Sainte Laurent, DDO) and a warehouse in the west end of the city, no doubt there's a Sami Fruits around you where you can get in on the savings.


Kim Phat

3588 Goyer + 3733 Jarry E

A next-level Asian grocery store with almost everything you could ever want, Kim Phat balances its wide array of items with solid prices. You'll be able to find pretty much everything at Kim Phat, from Asian specialty products to North American staples, making it a great one-stop-shop, at least for folks in CDN or Saint Michel.


Marché Lobo

3509 du Parc

Another affordable and great little store in the Plateau, Marché Lobo may not have the grandest of selections, but you'll definitely be able to find most of what's on your shopping list. Perfect for buying non-perishable foods (rice, beans, pasta, etc.), Marché Lobo is also known for having some delicious Middle Eastern items, from amazing hummus to marinated shish taouk.

Marché G&D

998 Saint-Laurent

Don't be fooled by Marché G&D's unassuming location, because while it may be housed in the basement of Swatow Plaza, that doesn't mean it lacks in selection. Nor does it not perform in the affordable category. Needless to say, you'll be pleasantly surprised at Marché G&D's array of items, and more so by the cheap price tags.

Marché Bonanza

6852 Jean-Talon E

Back in the 90s, Marché Bonanza was seen all around Montreal, with eight stores across the island. Today, only one Marché Bonanza stands, with the grocer seemingly synthesizing itself to offer better prices to customers.

Sure, that probably isn't the reason why Bonanza trimmed its hedges, but that doesn't change the fact that the store has everything you could want, from a bakery to a meat counter to a produce section, at very reasonable prices.


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Thai Hour

7130 Saint Denis

Thai Hour, a Southeast Asian grocery store, is almost the perfect place to shop in the winter, when you're craving delicious Asian soup, because the store will definitely have everything you need. Actually, Thai Hour has a fair amount of specific ingredients (not just for soup) you might not find elsewhere.

And, of course, it has the added benefit of being pretty damn cheap.

Supermarché Akhavan

6170 Sherbrooke

This NDG grocery store boasts 10,000 sq/ft of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean products, ranging from halal meats, to dried beans, to a wide array of nuts and legumes. Ensuring to keep prices low, Akhavan also has a legit baked good section, making it a delicious food adventure for anyone with a sweet tooth. And if you're driving, you'll be pleased to know Akhavan has a rather large parking lot, too.


Marché C&T

12200 Boulevard Laurentien

Claiming to be one of the largest Asian supermarkets in all of Quebec, it's hard to refute Marché C&T's claim, because this place is definitely huge. The store houses a produce, meat, fish, and frozen food sections, with everything else you could need in the mix, including food items from other cultural backgrounds.

All that selection, and affordable prices make Marché C&T a solid grocery spot.

Marché Adonis

2173 Sainte Catherine W + other locations

Yes, I did say I would avoid larger grocery chains, but honestly, Adonis is simply too amazing to leave off of this list. In truth, you'll need to do a bit of bargain hunting to track down the real deals at Adonis, but in general each location (all of which have a beautifully large selection) offer lower prices than standard chain grocers. And then there's the hot table section, which is enough to get me to shop at Adonis in itself.

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