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12 Puppies You Can Adopt In Montreal This August

Your new best friend awaits.
12 Puppies You Can Adopt In Montreal This August

Now that moving season is mostly over, Montreal's shelters are more full than ever. If you've been considering getting a new four legged addition to your family, why not give one of these very deserving guys a chance?

Here are 12 dogs that are currently up for adoption in Montreal. 


Bijou is a 4-year-old pittbull terrier mix who loves walks, is great on the leash, and already knows basic commands. She loves to play fetch and will cuddle with you all day if you let her. She gets along great with other dogs and cats, and needs someone that will keep her active - she'd make a great running or biking buddy! Click here for more info on adopting Bijou.


Francesca is a super sweet 4-week-old pitbull terrier mix. She's a really young puppy so she'll need someone that can invest some time into training her, but she could grow up to be your very best friend. For more info on adopting Francesca, click here.


Bruno is also a 4-week-old pitbull terrier mix. He doesn't know much since he's so little, so he'll need quite a bit of training and patience. To get more info on how you can adopt Bruno, click here.

Chico Chi

This 7-year-old chihuahua is a 5 lb mama's boy. He loves to cuddle and spend time with his family. He also thinks he's much bigger than he is because he loves trying to protect you too. He's crate trained and goes well on a leash. To get more info on Chico Chi, click here.

Romeo Chi

Romeo is a 6-year-old chihuahua who can't get enough loving in. He'll cuddle all day long but he does also loves to go on walks. He's super obedient and very smart. To find out more about Romeo here.


Basil is an adorable 6-year-old pomeranian and eskimo mix. He's super sweet and you'll fall in love with him in no time. He's not so good with young kids though, since he has some resource guarding issues that he's working on, but he gets along great with other dogs. He's also house trained and crate trained. For more info on Basil check out his adoption page here.


Teddy is a 1-year-old boy that was abandoned because his owners got divorced. He loves playing with other dogs and really loves his toys. He's great on walks and can easily be left home during the day. He has some timidness issues, so a home with no kids is necessary. To adopt Teddy, click here.


This crazy adorable boy is named Max and he's a baby husky with the greatest blue eyes ever. He's currently being kept at the Montreal SPCA, just waiting to become your new best friend. For more info on Max, check out his page male here.


Liz is a super smart border collie that's always on the go. She's very friendly and playful, loves dogs, but isn't a big fan of cats. She would love a big open space to live in but could also make a great city dog if you're active enough. For more info on Liz, click here.


This adorable giant fluffball is named Maylo and he's a young husky and Newfoundland dog mix. He's very active and is good with both dogs and cats. To find out more about adopting Maylo, check out his page here.


Belle is also a young husky and Newfoundland mix who would make a great family dog. She's used to dogs, cats, and children and is already house trained. She would love a family that will keep up with how active she is. For more info on Belle, click here.


Kim is a young male husky who was rescued from a neglectful home. Despite that he's still very playful and affectionate, and loves to run with you. He's also great with other dogs and plays with them no problem. For more info on Kimo, click here.

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