12 Restaurants You Can Get Healthy Fast Food At In Montreal

It's like you're cheating on your diet but you ain't.

If anyone on this earth understands the struggle of attempting to cook a meal, it's me. It's not that I'm a terrible cook, it's just that I have no time or patience or skill. Plus, I'm really bad at following directions.

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So usually, lunchtime means fast food. But if you're in the same boat as I am, then I've got some great news for you - not all fast food is basically poutine and burgers. In Montreal, there are tons of spots to order from that are quick, easy, and good for you.

1. Mandy's

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2067 Rue Crescent

The OG in tasty, quick, quality salads, there's nothing you can't get at Mandy's that isn't totally delicious. Plus, pretty much every single thing on the menu is totally good for you, as well.


2. Le Kitchen

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1806 Rue William

This catering/pret-a-manger spot serves up vegan, gluten free, and totally healthy meals. You can pick up pretty much anything on their menu to-go, and if you call them, they might even be able to deliver a delicious bowl to you.


3. Vivalia

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286 Rue Notre-Dame O

Literally, this organic bistro is what healthy dreams are made of. They've got everything you can dream of: sandwiches, salads, falafels, juices, and even sushi!


4. Freshii

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3454 Av du Parc

This awesome spot serves up bowls, burritos, and wraps; everything is made fresh, quick, and delicious, with super fair portions sure to satisfy any hunger.


5. Aux Vivres

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4631 Boul St-Laurent

The take out section of this Plateau restaurant is a serious life-saver for anyone looking to eat healthy and quickly. They have pretty much everything you've come to know and love from this Montreal vegan restaurant: their famous bowls (including the Dragon Bowl), "burgers", wraps, and even desserts.


6. Chop'd & Co.

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1241 Avenue McGill College

Located right across from downtown Montreal's Place Ville-Marie, this salad bar serves up huge portions of fresh and super tasty food. Their specialty is salad (and you can even create your own!), but try their soups, too, which are equally fresh and delicious.


7. Falafel Avenue

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2020 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa,

Falafel lovers, rejoice. Falafel avenue has some of the tastiest falafel pitas you could ever taste. Everything is fresh and delicious, and even their dressings are homemade.


8. Green Panther

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2153 Rue Mackay, Multiple locations

If you've never been to Green Panther, stop what you're doing and get yourself there ASAP. This Montreal vegan restaurant is known for their crispy, tasty falafels, which you can have in a delicious pita, or on its own, with their super tasty hummus.


9. Copper Branch

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1245 Rue Bishop, Multiple locations

Honestly, anyone who's ever tried Copper Branch knows one thing: this spot is awesome. They've got bowls, burgers, sandwiches, poutine, and more; and although you won't go wrong no matter what you pick, their Mushroom Galaxy burger is literally out of this world amazing.


10. Nutrimania

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16 Rue Rachel E

A vegan cafe situated in the heart of Montreal's Plateau, this spot's pretty much got it all. You want vegan pizza? They got you covered. Vegan burgers? You know it. Vegan bowls? Yup. And the best part? They deliver, too.


11. Liv Salades

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5350 Boul St-Laurent

Gourmet salad, anyone? Situated in Montreal's Mile-End, Liv serves up pretty much the freshest gourmet salads around, using premium ingredients like fets, caramelized pears, and much, much more.


12. Kiffin

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3439 Saint-Denis

A relatively new restaurant on Montreal's Saint-Denis, Kiffin specializes in some seriously delicious, fairly prices, super healthy food. You can even get their dishes delivered to you; and, on weekends, this spot even offers super tasty brunches.


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