12 Secret Costco Perks You Didn't Know About

Save money and get more out of your membership with these awesome perks.

Costco is a wonderful place where you can get all of the free samples you want plus great deals on food, clothes, home décor and so much more.

Not to mention the fact that they have a surprisingly good poutine, and one of the best hot dogs around.

On top of all of this, did you know that there are a bunch of perks that come with being a costco member that you've probably never heard of? Read on for a list of Costco hacks that can save you some serious bucks.

Discounted Movie Tickets And Gift Cards

Costco offers savings on a ton of stuff, and that includes movie tickets. Other tickets that you can save big on include day passes for LaRonde, spa gift cards, vacation deals and even cruises.

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You Can Actually Get In Without Being A Member

There are a ton of ways that you can "sneak" into Costco: you can go to the pharmacy and liquor sections without a member card, for example. You can also get in with a friend if they have a membership.

Find out more about how to sneak into Costco here.

Save On Phone Plans And Internet

Costco offers affordable phone and internet plans for homes and businesses. You can even get actual landlines there (yep, people still buy landlines).

Shop phone plans and Internet.

Refill Your Ink Cartridges

This one is a huge plus, especially if you're a student who needs to print all their assignments. Get up to 70% if you refill instead of buying new ones. On top of that, you'll also be reducing waste. Starting at $9!

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Save On Vacation Packages

Planning a big trip anytime soon? Costco has you covered with affordable vacation packages, from all-inclusives to resorts. That's right, you can save on your next relaxing holiday with Costco.

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Save On Medical Insurance

Yeah, you really can get everything at Costco, including pretty competitive medical insurance rates. And, if things go south, they sell discounted caskets.

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You Can Shop Online Without A Membership

According to RedFlagDeals, you can buy certain items online without being a member. Apparently, prices are about 5% higher because the store offers free shipping, but it's still definitely worthwhile.

Learn more about shopping online.

Save On Glasses And Other Optical Services

You can get really good deals on glasses, contacts and other optical services at Costco. You can get multi-package glasses so you can stock up if you're the kind of person who always loses their glasses.

Shop optical services here.

Cheap Prescriptions

You can save big on a ton of prescriptions at Costco. Find out more about what you can save on on their website.

Learn more about prescription services.

Free in-home installation consultation

If you buy something at Costco, you can have people come to your house and install your products for you, from flooring to windows. The consulation for these services for Costco members are free.

Shop installation services.

Cheap but awesome birthday cakes

I LOVE Costco birthday cakes, and, if you're never had one, you're missing out. Feed a crowd with a cheap cake and make a birthday boy/girl very happy.

And, obviously, save a ton on the rest of your grocery shop, from granola bars to cheese.

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Make The Most Of The Generous Return Policy

When I signed up for a Costco membership, they told me I could take up to one year to cancel my Costco membership, and get my money back. They also have generous return policies for many electronics.

Learn more about Costco's return policy.

Now, go forth and save my friends. Armed with these little-known life hacks, you can really make your wallet a lot happier.