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As you all already know, Outremont is the best district in Montreal.

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From a little café to a fancy restaurant, Outremont has a place for everyone and every taste. Since I'm a foodaholic, I made a list of the best restaurants for you to try if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

1. Damas

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1201 Van Horne Ave.

Damas is the perfect place to try Middle Eastern food . A little bit pricey but everything is impeccable! And btw, you should have the fatouche salad.


2. Leméac

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1045 Avenue Laurier O

It's one of my favorite restaurant ever. Leméac is a French restaurant and their tartare is super-excellent. If I'd die tomorrow it would be the last place I'd go eat.


3. Pinokio

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1265 Bernard Ave.

If you've never been to Pinokio, you're missing out on the best pastas! Pinokio, aka Le Petit Italien has the best Italien food in town.


4. Brasserie Bernard

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1249 Bernard Ave.

You can't pass up their Monday's special offer: 1$ an oyster!


5. Pizzeria No. 900

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1248 Rue Bernard O

I've finally discovered a place where I can eat a fresh and light pizza: it's Pizzeria No. 900! If you're a pizza lover, this restaurant is going to be your soulmate.


6. Les Fillettes

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1226 Van Horne Ave.

Looking for an excellent dinner at an affordable place? Stop looking right now! Les Fillettes is here for you.


7. Maiko Sushi

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387 Rue Bernard O

Maiko sushi will drive you crazy with their variety of food and exceptional meal presentation!


8. Café Souvenir- La Pêche aux Moules

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1263 Bernard Ave.

With their brunches, it's the best place to start the day! It's such a cozy little place and the food will make your mouth drop to the floor.


9. Les Enfants Terribles Brasserie

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1257 Bernard Ave.

Yes, I know. This restaurant is already really famous but in Outremont you can sit outside and enjoy the day while eating an awesome meal.


10. Lester's Deli

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1057 Bernard Ave.

Ok, I don't eat meat but all my friends brag about this place. Apparently, they have the best smoked meat in the whole wide world.


11. Rumi Restaurant

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5198 Rue Hutchison

This very well located restaurant will let you experience the most authentic cuisine of the Middle East. A big shout out to their mint lemonade is also pretty good.


12. Provisions 1268

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1268 Van Horne Ave.

This restaurant is like no other. They don't have a specific menu because it changes every week. Every time you got there they make you a surprise meal with the ingredients written on the chalkboard. Also, they work with local companies that employ responsible and sustainable practices.


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