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12 Super Extravagant Things You Need To Treat Yourself To At Least Once In Montreal

Stop putting it off. It's time to do you!
12 Super Extravagant Things You Need To Treat Yourself To At Least Once In Montreal

Since you have been probably working your ass off this summer trying to make as much cash as possible, I’m sure you need some down time… I know I do. I think it's time to forget about everyone else for a minute and treat yourself to a fantastic time in Montreal. So, since summer is almost over, take some time out of your busy schedule for you.

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It’s time to sit back, relax, and spend  more than average on yourself for once. Its time to blow some of that cash you just saved up and there is no better place to do it than in Montreal!

1. Splurge A little On Yourself And Do A Full SPA Experience At Strom

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1001 Boulevard de la Forêt

Why not treat yourself to the most relaxing thing out there, a Swedish massage! Strom Spa is actually amazing! I love it there since you are literally engulfed by relaxation. Not only is their environment serene but so are their massages. I mean it's the perfect treat for yourself!


2. Splurge A little On Yourself And Have A Gourmet Meal From HVOR

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Price: $50-100

1414 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

HVOR is one of Montreal’s best rated restaurants! It is stunning and it is the perfect location for some gourmet food that you've been dying for. The ambiance is very modern and classy so you can dress up and enjoy your well deserved gourmet meal. Trust me, you will love it!


3. Splurge A little On Yourself And Get That Tattoo You've Been Dying For

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Price: Depends On Your Creativity $$$

Right Here In Montreal

Montreal is home to some of the most amazing tattoo artists. So, why not take advantage of that and treat yourself to a beautiful tattoo that you've been dying to get for years.

4. Splurge A little On Yourself And Go To A Boaty Brunch

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Price:$ 60

Jump on the AML Cavalier Maxim and enjoy a Sunday brunch! The AML Cavalier Maxim is a beautiful boat that hosts amazing brunches every Sunday from May 8th to October 9th. It’s a fabulous event with gourmet brunches and breathtaking views of Montreal. It’s a great way to relax while enjoying great food!

The tour begins at the Convoyeurs Pier in Old Montreal and then goes past the Olympic stadium. The tour lasts about an hour and a half but you are free to eat your breakfast for as long as you please. It’s free for children under the age of 5 and it begins at 11 am. They have many stations with a great variety of food!


5. Splurge A little On Yourself And Rent A Boat With Your Friends For The Night In Old Montreal

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Price: $750 / Per Night

The Houseboat Mansion Is a unique way to throw a end of summer party with your friends in Montreal. This is honest super fun and people will be talking about it for ages!

Click here for more info.

6. Splurge A little On Yourself And Go Sky Diving At Parachute Montreal Inc.

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Price: $500-1000

If you are more on the adventurous side then why not enjoy a little bit of sky diving! Parachute Montreal originated from Parachutisme Nouvel Air who have been running for 25 years on the south shore of Montreal. Parachutisme Nouvel Air is their sister school that supplies the advantages of two drop zones! Parachute Montreal is actually the only place in Quebec that has two drop zones!

Together they have a combined total of 25 years of experience, 50 instructors, and more than 175,000 jumps. They have two airplanes that can hold a max of 46 passengers. And to make you all feel even better, most instructors were trained with the Canadian Army and 75% of them have the highest level of certification in Canada.


7. Splurge A little On Yourself And Take A Helicopter Tour Of Montreal

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Price: 20 min = $300//30 min = $430// 60 min = $865

Fly over downtown Montreal to admire your city in all its glory!The Ville-Marie circuit will allow you to fly over La Ronde, Olympic Park, Botanical Garden and Mount Royal, and finish with a panoramic view of downtown!


8. Splurge A little On Yourself And Get A Chocolate Bomb For Desert From C'chocolat

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Price: $20

1255 Rue Bishop

Ah yes, the famous chocolate bomb is 100% a desert that you need to treat yourself to! Not only is it super amazing to watch like in the video above, but it is also crazy good! C'chocolat is the home of the Montreal chocolate bomb and I can honestly say that it is TO DIE FOR!


9. Splurge A little On Yourself And Go To Terrasse Place D'armes For Dinner And Drinks

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Price: $50-100

55 Saint-Jacques Street, 8th floor

This lovely rooftop terrasse is located in the heart of Old Montreal. You will enjoy perfectly executed meals and drinks that are refreshing AF! This restaurant is honestly amazing! I strongly recommend having their roasted chicken with their mustard sauce and quinoa.


10. Splurge A little On Yourself And Get The Most Expensive Poutine

A photo posted by La Poutine Week / Poutine (@lapoutineweek) on

Price: $70

433 Rue Bishop

The Mega Le Gourmet Burger Poutine has over 17 ingredients stacked high, served on a double portion of mixed fries. Your poutine comes with caramelized onions, beef, bison, chicken, fois gras, fried eggs, sautéed mushrooms, Boursin, Brie, goat cheese, bacon, Jalapeño peppers, truffle oil, truffle mayo, BBQ sauce, walnuts, and shallots so it is basically heaven on a plate.


11. Splurge A little On Yourself And Have A Shopping Spree On St. Catherines Street

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Shop t'ill you drop!

12. Splurge A little On Yourself And Go To A Cooking Class

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Price: $22 – $95 per class

444 Saint-Francois-Xavier

Treat yourself to something that can also benefit others by taking a cooking class in Montreal! This hands-on classes led by professional chefs offers you the learning experience of a life time! You will learn to make classic French dishes like beef flank and tart tatin, fancy tapas, the perfect brunch, and even how to do gourmet in a hurry.


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