12 Things Every Good Boyfriend Needs To Know About LUSH

Prepare for a 'lushious' time.
12 Things Every Good Boyfriend Needs To Know About LUSH

Real talk, if you've never navigated Lush before, it can be a little bit overwhelming. There are incredibly sweet and helpful salespeople, good smells, beautiful things to see, and a whole lot of produts, which are all wonderful things in and of themselves, but might cause just a little bit of confusion when put togehter.

No worries, though. If you're not used to Lush, and if your significant other happens to want you to be familiar with one of their fave stores, then I've got your back, fam.

1. You're going to use those products, too.

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Sure, you might think that bath bomb you're buying bae is the most thoughtful thing you've ever bought. And maybe it is... But one day, you'll plop one of those bath bombs into the tub and realize all you want are bath bombs for yourself, all the time, always.

2. There's more than bath bombs and shower jellies.

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Two of Lush's most popular products for sure are their super fizzy, fun bath bombs, and their colourful, jiggly shower jellies. But that's not all they've got. Lush carries shampoos, creams, lotions, perfumes, scrubs, toners, and more. Basically, if it's for the body, they've got it, and honestly, a cuticle cream sometimes just be a little more thougthtful than the most glittery bath bomb in the bunch. (Although, that's a pretty awesome thing to get, as well).

3. And there's a difference between bath bombs, bubble bars, and bath oils.

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Bath bombs effervesce in a glittery, popping explosion of fun in the tub. Bubble bars crumble into a soft, luxurious, bubble bath. Bath oils perfume the water and leave your skin super silky. You can combine all three for an unforgettable bathtime experience, but just don't confuse any of the three. Nothing's worse than expecting a colourful tub explosion and getting nothing but bubbles.

4. Lush only sells cruelty-free products.

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Testing on animals? Nope. Not for Lush.

5. And everything is vegetarian.

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Meaning that if your S/O is not just an animal lover, but a vegetarian as well, they'll seriously appreciate you taking them to Lush.

6. Lots of things come in bar form.

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Seriously. If your significant other asks you to pick up some percume, toothpaste, conditioner, shampoo, or hair dye from Lush, then don't look for anything in a bottle or tube. Most of these products come in a bar; of course, this includes massage bars, which makes for some seriously fun massage times.

7. They can gift-wrap their items in reusable scarves.

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If you're venturing into Lush to get your S/O a gift, have them wrap it in a reusable scarf. Not only does the packaging look seriously gorgeous, but it's like getting two gifts in one. Yass? Yass!

8. For the creative types, they've got modelling clay soap.

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Appropriately called FUN, these soaps are colourful and squishy and the perfect consistency to build stuff out of. Only downside? If you're super creative, you might spend more time in the shower sculpting than getting clean.

9. Yes, they do carry makeup.

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Mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, skin tint, and much more, Lush carries a ton of makeup, all with awesome coverage and ingredients that are good for the skin. So if your significant other asks for liquid lipstick, you know where you've got to go.

10. And hair dye, also.

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Sold in henna tabs, for extra rich and shiny colour that also happens to be all-natural.

11. That person on the package? Yeah. That's the person who just made your shower jelly.

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Don't get freaked out if there's a random person on your products. That's just the guy/gal who made your soap. It adds a cool, personal touch to every product... plus you have someone to thank by name for your super soft skin.

12. They sell stuff for guys, too.

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Although, as Lush states on their website, men and women aren't restricted to their own product lines - but Lush does have a line geared specifically for men, like beard and face wash, shaving cream, and more.

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