12 Things Guys Say And What They Actually Mean

The guide to understanding men.
12 Things Guys Say And What They Actually Mean

Guys aren't mysterious, but we try to act that way once in awhile because we know girls like that kind of stuff.

The thing to remember is that unless your man is a drama queen, there probably isn't much sub-text to what he says. Sure, what we say isn't always 100% what we mean but that doesn't mean you should be looking for hidden messages. Here are 12 things guys say and what they actually mean.

1. I don't feel like going out tonight.

I'm tired, please don't make me put pants on.

2. I'm hungry.

Guys are honest, he's probably just hungry. It happens when you haven't eaten in awhile.

3. That girl is just a friend.

Don't worry, we don't hang out on the weekends or anything.

 5. You look hot in that dress.

Don't try to find any hidden messages, you just genuinely look hot. And yes, you look hot the rest of the time too in case you were worried.

6. I'm going out with the guys tonight.

I would enjoy an evening where I can fart freely and be praised for how loud my burps are .

7. I prefer the natural look.

I'll still have sex with you even if you aren't wearing makeup.

8. I'll call you later tonight.

Unless I fall asleep first.

9. I'm not looking for a serious relationship.

Don't try to hang around until he changes his mind, you will be very disappointed.

10. When you ask what he's thinking about and he answers "nothing".

I know it's hard to understand, but sometimes we're actually thinking about nothing. It's kind of nice, you should try it sometime.

11. I don't mind if you keep shopping.

As long as there's a "Boyfriend Chair" and I have my smartphone with me I'll be okay.

12. I'm on my way.

I'm almost on my way.

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