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12 Things Montrealers Who Use The STM Absolutely Hate

12 Things Montrealers Who Use The STM Absolutely Hate

Unless you have a car in Montreal, the most convenient way to get around, especially when the weather isn't pleasant is to take the bus or metro. 

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TL;DR Public transit can be a nightmare sometimes. From being crammed to people hogging seats. Montrealers who use the STM can relate to these 12 annoying things.

Sure it's convenient, fairly inexpensive and you can get to your destination quickly, but there are some truly annoying things about taking public transit. Sometimes those things are so downright annoying that it puts you in a bad mood. Other times it's extremely ridiculous, you just can't help but shake your head and wonder what's wrong with people, or public transit itself. 

Here's a list of the 12 things only Montrealers who use the STM absolutely hate:

12. People who hog seats 

We've all had a long day, that doesn't give you the right to prop up your tired feet on the seats when someone could be sitting there.

Via Spotted STM

Via STM Spotted

11. People who smell

The worst thing is when someone has their armpit right in your face and it smells like BO! Maybe don't have your armpit in someone's face...or maybe use some deoderant.

10. When it's NOT Halloween and someone is dressed up like it is 

Nothing is more creepy and weird than some guy dressed like Freddy Krueger...and it's not even Halloween! WTF!

Via STM spotted

9. People with bad breath 

It's called a toothbrush...use it.

8. People who take up too much space 

When it's morning rush hour or even late evening and everyone is crammed in the metro like sardines, some people just don't understand common courtesy. I've seen everything from huge backpacks to people extending their legs while sitting. Sitting on an exercise ball? Now that's a new one.

Via STM Spotted

7. When you leave something on the metro or bus 

That is one of the worst feelings...when you've left your debit card, or wallet or valuable and there's no hope of getting it back (unless a kind person posts it on STM spotted).

Via STM Spotted

6. When someone farts 

Enclosed spaces + trapped air + somone letting it rip= disgusting

5. When people cut in front of you 

It's annoying having to wait for the bus. It's even more annoying when a bunch of brats go in front of you.

Via STM Spotted

4. When you get off the metro or bus and you're not sure which way to go 

Tis the season for construction. I feel like at most stops and all of Montreal is still under construction and it's annoying. Worst part is the detours and having to guess where to go.

Via STM spotted

3. People who take their shoes off 

Nobody wants to smell your stinky feet or look at them for that matter. PUT YOUR SHOES BACK ON!

Via STM Spotted

2. When you're sweaty from riding the STM

Whenever I ride the metro in the morning and bodies are crammed together and it feels like a million degrees- I am so sweaty! I'm not sure if the A/C is on, but it does not feel like it.

1. When the STM is filthy 

It's just disgusting when there is garbage everywhere on the bus or metro. It's especially disgusting when that garbage is a used condom. Enough said.

Via STM Spotted

Via STM Spotted

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