12 Things That Don't Suck About Going Back To School At McGill

It's not all work and lectures.
12 Things That Don't Suck About Going Back To School At McGill

Back to school is just around the corner and chances are you've already started thinking about all of the things you'll have to get ready, all of the work that you're going to have to do, and god forbid, how early you're going to have to wake up. While, yes, there are plenty of downsides to going back to school, if you're lucky enough to go to McGill there are quite a few things that you can actually look forward to when September rolls around.

1. You're welcomed back by the gloriousness that is OAP.

Photo Cred - AOC McGill

2. You finally get to see all of the friends you missed over the summer.

3. Our frosh is one of the best (and the rowdiest) in Canada, and maybe even the world.

4. Beach Day. 'Nuff said.

5. Recorded classes: so you don't actually have to go to class.

6. All of the samosas. Those delicious, delicious samosas.

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7. We actually have a super nice campus to chill out on.

8. Gerts opens its doors once again.

9. And all of the other on-campus drinking spots.

10. The confidence boost you get when you see first years bumbling around and you actually kind of know what you're doing.

11. We're super close to downtown - perfect for post-class impulse shopping.

Photo Cred - Neil Fitzpatrick

12. And Montreal in general is an amazing place to go to school.