12 Things To Look Forward To If You've Been Accepted To John Abbott College

#1 You won't lose touch with your friends.
12 Things To Look Forward To If You've Been Accepted To John Abbott College

If you've applied to John Abbott College and you have your acceptance letter in hand, then you’re probably wondering what your future has in store for you. In short, great parties, making loads of friends, and long nights pouring over books in preparation for tests and your future career. However, if you’re looking for some more specific details of what you can expect at John Abbott, here are twelve things to look forward to.

1. You Won’t Lose Touch With Your Friends

If you’re going to Abbott chances are you grew up in, went to high school in, and still live in, the West Island. When people go to CEGEP downtown it’s not uncommon for them to lose touch because they have much less time to see each other between campuses. However, at Abbott the chances are high that your close friends will also be attending. Even if you’re in different programs, you can build your schedules to take breaks at the same time.

2. You’ll Learn To Love The Bus Ride

It might sound crazy, but believe us when we tell you you’ll learn to love your daily commute to and from school. In the morning it gives you enough time to do your readings before class (because, let’s be honest, no one actually does them at home). It’s also a great way to decompress after class, especially while listening to some music and sipping a hot coffee you picked up in the cafeteria at Stewart Hall.

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3. Being Near The Water

There are no words to describe how much you’ll come to appreciate this while you’re at John Abbott. If you’re having a stressful day and you’re looking to relax, you can sit under a tree on campus and watch the waves from afar. Or, if you don’t mind a little walk, you can sit on the Saint Anne’s boardwalk and do a bit of studying between classes. It’s extremely relaxing, and a great way to pass the time.

4. The Beautiful Old Buildings

If you, like many people, happen to be a fan of old looking buildings, then you’re in luck. John Abbott College has a beautiful rustic feel to it, and sometimes it’s even like being in a terracotta Hogwarts. Although the buildings could use some work on their interiors, they have a romantic and old fashioned vibe that’s hard not to fall in love with.

5. The Awesome New Science Building

If you’re one of those freaks who prefers everything in chrome, then John Abbott’s got you covered too. They recently built a massive science center in the middle of the campus, which features state of the art everything. So if you’re one of the few people crazy enough to go into sciences, at least you’ll have the comfort of new tools and a stainless steel work space.

6. Close To The Ste. Anne’s Village

One of the advantages of attending Abbott is that you’re within walking distance of the Saint Anne’s village. Although you may not have the urge to visit it during the winter months, it’s your go-to destination come spring. With the water, the restaurants, and the unique stores, it’s the perfect place to spend your breaks with friends while at school.

7. Fridays At Annie’s

Having class on Friday can suck, but thankfully being at Abbott makes it a little easier to get through. On Friday, everyone cuts class a little early (even the teachers), and you can find most of your schoolmates, and BFFS, having a pint at Annie’s Pub. It’s also a weekend party spot for some people, but Fridays are easily the best day to visit Annie’s with your pals.

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8. The Colisee Kirkland

There’s nothing worse than making your Abbott schedule and realizing you have a 4 hour gap in your day that’s not compatible with any other class you need to take. But, on the plus side, you’re relatively close to the Colisee Kirkland. Just grab the 419 bus and catch a flick before your next class. It’s even better if your break happens to be on cheapie Tuesday. And if you have no gaps in your day, you’re still close enough to catch a film after class.

9. A Picturesque Campus

One of the beauties of going to John Abbott College is the campus itself. Aside from the beautiful buildings, it’s covered in a sea trees, flowers, and rolling fields of green. It’s absolutely beautiful any time of year and even though you’re away from the big city and all the action, you’ll come to appreciate the peace and quiet while you’re there.

10. Access To Fresh And Locally Grown Produce

Abbott students aren’t the only ones who share the campus. McGill also has their Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences located there. Which is super convenient for people who are health conscious and looking to eat local, organic, produce. McGill holds a farmer's market where they sell the crops they grow at a fair price for students and it’s definitely worth a visit. Plus, the campus looks festive in the fall with all the pumpkins growing everywhere.

11. The Wildlife

If you’re feeling out of touch with nature, then John Abbott’s the place for you. Between the squirrels, the deer (that you’ll see occasionally on your spring commute), and the Canadian geese (prepare to be swarmed by them), you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of a Canadian wildlife reserve. Until a seagull takes your lunch, that's it. Then it’s game on, Mother Nature. Game on.

12. Activities In The Agora

Between the movie days, health fairs, art expos, and end-of-year vernissages, there's always something going on at Abbott. Even though the CEGEP is fairly isolated, there’s always something happening on campus, so you never feel like you’re far from all the action. Plus, on the off day that the Agora is empty, it still makes a great open place to hang out with friends over a coffee or get some studying done.

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