No matter what CEGEP you end up going to, you're going to have a great time. CEGEP is a great experience, and every college has its own unique factors that make it so. But not going to lie, there are certain things that definitely up the awesome factor. Luckily, Vanier College just so happens to hit the mark on all of them and here's why.

1. Location

Or as I like to call it, "convenience in a campus." Okay, not really, but you get the idea. Vanier is located in the borough of Ville Saint-Laurent, meaning you get to avoid the traffic and confusion of downtown Montreal. Oh, what's that? You like the downtown grind? No problem. Vanier is also located near 2 metro stations, multiple bus lines, and 2 major boulevards. So whether you want to zip away and do some shopping at the Eaton Centre, or just get yourself back home, you've got options my friend.

2. Variety

A nursing student, a music student, and a commerce student all walk into a classroom. That's it. There is no punchline; that wasn't a joke. It's actually just a normal day at Vanier, which boasts a whole bunch of programs for you to pick from. What this boils down to for you, though, is that you can have a diverse and awesome group of friends while investing for your own future. It's a little something I like to call a win-win situation.

Photo creds - Rights And Wrongs

3. End of Semester Parties

Real talk, the end of the semester is a stressful time, no matter where you end up. But the VCSA - Vanier College Students' Association - always swoops in to save the day with its awesome end of semester parties. Notable examples include last year's free End of Semester parties at Le Cinq and Muzique, and the boat party (on a legit boat!) from a couple of years ago. With such a great track record, you'll be looking forward to the end of your first semester at Vanier more than anything else. #PartyTheStressAway.

4. Awesome Classes

Sociology of Mass Media? Madness and Obsession in Literature? Stress Management? Check, check, check. Vanier has a bunch of super fun classes for you to pick from. So even though you might be required to take a subject, at least you can make sure it's something you like. Sidenote: high fives to everyone who's taken Orienteering and gotten so lost that they had to call home. Just me? Just me.

5. Food, Everywhere

If you like delicious and inexpensive food, then have I got some good news for you. Not only does Vanier have about 3 cafeterias for you to find something to munch on, but it's also literally surrounded by student friendly restaurants. So if you're not feeling a slice of pizza, you can head on over to Decarie Hot Dog for probably the best steamie in Montreal, or Dolci Piu for some on point Italian pastries, or Shing Do for some inexpensive Asian food. Yum? Yum.

7. Holidays, Vanier Style

Is there any better time to go out than on Halloween and Valentine's Day? Nope, there isn't. Not only does the VCSA seem to know this, but they embrace it. Off-campus events are regularly hosted by the VCSA for very cheap, with notable examples including last year's Halloween party - $5 tickets, with the proceeds going to the Montreal Children's Hospital - and the Valentine's Day Pub Night.

7. The Cemeteries

Someone decided it would be a great idea to create a CEGEP smack in between two cemeteries. This might seem horrifying to some people, but you get used to it quickly. Eventually it just adds on to the serene atmosphere of the outside campus. Plus, it gets super fun to mention to your friends that your school is the lunchmeat in a cemetery sandwich and watch them freak out.

Photo cred - VCSA

8. The Outdoor Campus

If you've ever visited Vanier's campus, then you know. It's peaceful, serene, and gorgeous any time of year - but especially in Fall and Summer - and has dozens of little tables and spots to study. S/O to those people always chilling on the front lawn near the Vanier sign. What do you do? Who knows, but you rock it.

Photo creds- Vanier College

9. The Buildings

Which are all uncomplicated and easy to navigate, meaning the chances of you getting lost are slim to none. Besides that, though, most buildings on campus were built centuries ago. So if you like hella cool old buildings, then you're in luck. Bonus points for having a whole website literally dedicated to finding Vanier's best (and probably creepiest) old hidden spots.

10. On Campus Events

We all know that the first and/or last day of classes is a guaranteed festival complete with free food, snow cones, and some kind of bouncy castle activity on the front lawn. But the VCSA is always throwing awesome events on campus, many of them free. How do free movie nights sound? Or Vanier's very own singing competition (AKA Vanier Idol)? Or what about free comedy shows? They sound like a good time, my friend. They sound like a good time.

11. The Athletics

If you're into sports, then you're in luck. Vanier College's Cheetahs have all kinds of teams for you to get involved in, including rugby, football, cheerleading and soccer. If team activities aren't your thing, then that's cool too. The weight room at Vanier is open for students at a reduced membership price, and with facilities like raquetball courts and a pool, the Sports Complex is your oyster.

12. Dodging Squirrels

This is another thing that sounds horrifying but is actually pretty cool. The squirrels at Vanier have a Montreal-wide reputation for being a little bit "nuts". Even though they're not that bad, attending Vanier makes you a part of the myth. One day you'll be telling your grand kids about the time a mutant squirrel came flying at you from inside a garbage can, and it'll only be partially made up.

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