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12 Travel Destinations Where The Canadian Dollar Is Surprisingly Strong

Make your travelling dreams come true.
12 Travel Destinations Where The Canadian Dollar Is Surprisingly Strong

Ah yes, here I am again making yet another travelling article. I can't help it, I love travelling and I honestly can't wait to save up enough money so that I can hop on another plane and jet off across the globe. I know most of you are feeling the exact same way that I am right now, it's the money that's holding us all back.

Right now, the Canadian dollar isn't doing so hot. It's been on a downward spiral for a while now and we really have no idea when it's going to pick itself back up. But that shouldn't hold us back from following our dreams and hopping on those planes because there's actually a whole lot of affordable destinations where the Canadian dollar is doing surprisingly well.

Here's a list of some of the places you should travel to if you want to make your Canadian dollars last!

1. South Africa

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$1 CAD = 11.13 R

Cheapest Meal: $8.97

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $77/night

Cheapest Beer: $2.24

South Africa is a very affordable country for Canadians to travel to, aside from the travel costs that is. The prices above are based from Cape Town, South Africa which is filled with some amazing things to see and do. Take a hike up Lion's Head Mountain to see this majestic view of the city and water, spend a day laying out at Boulders Beach, or visit the gorgeous Cape Peninsula to see some stunning views of the bright blue waters!

2. Russia

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow #moscow #russia #cathedral #saint #history #architecture #art

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$1 CAD = 50.31 RUB

Cheapest Meal: $9.86

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $40/night

Cheapest Beer: $1.02

Russia is another very affordable city for Canadians to travel. Our Canadian currency will get you a very long way. The prices above are based in Moscow, Russia which is the capitol and has some amazing sights for tourists to see. Check out the colourful, candy land looking building called Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, visit all of the other historical cathedrals and museums that are all of this amazing city!

3. Japan

First night in Tokyo #japan2016 #tokyo

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$1 CAD = 78.85 JPY

Cheapest Meal: $11.42

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $104/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.45

If you've been dreaming of traveling to the big, bustling city of Tokyo, Japan, well now's your chance because it's more affordable than ever for Canadians. If you're up for the gruelling 18 hour flight to get there, then this is definitely the trip for you! While you're there you should chow down on the best sushi you'll ever find obviously and other amazing Japanese cuisines, visit some gorgeous temples like the Sens0-ji Temple, take a day trip to walk through the Tsukiji fish market and Harajuku for shopping!

4. Brazil


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$1 CAD = 2.48 BRL

Cheapest Meal: $10.86

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $97/night

Cheapest Beer: $2.73

Many people know Brazil as a very expensive country, and that's actually not true. For Canadians it's actually one of the more affordable places to travel. All the prices above are based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which is one of the popular destinations for tourists. While you're there you should definitely relax on Copacabana Beach, take a hike up Sugarloaf Mountain, enjoy some refreshing waterfalls in the Tijuca Forest, or take a trip out to Iguazu falls, which borders Argentina!

5. Iran

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$1 CAD = 23,859.62 IRR

Cheapest Meal: $5.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $137/night

Cheapest Beer: No drinking allowed unfortunately

Okay so Iran might not be the dream travel destination for most of you, but if you're looking for somewhere with a whole lot of culture where your Canadian dollars can stretch the farthest, Iran should definitely be on your list.

There's some amazing things to see in the capital, Tehran such as the Golestan Palace, the Azadi Tower, and skiing at Dizin or Tochal Mountains! There is a current ban on alcohol in the country, so unfortunately this will be a dry trip.

6. Iceland

Dippin in this Blue Lagoon is the best relaxation i could ask for in Iceland #bluelagoon #jajaEuropeSAGA2016 #picoftheday #bestvacations #iceland

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$1 CAD = 88.39 ISK

Cheapest Meal: $20.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $163/night

Cheapest Beer: $6.00

Iceland is truly a dream location. It is slightly more expensive than the destinations listed above but definitely worth it. The prices are based in Reykjavik, which is home to some amazing sights for tourists. You should definitely visit the Golden Circle Waterfall, Perlan Restaurant, which is a restaurant in a giant glass dome, or take a trip out to the relaxing Blue Lagoon for a spa day!

7. Tanzania

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$1 CAD = 1,661.98 TZS

Cheapest Meal: $2.29

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $72/night

Cheapest Beer: $1.65

Tanzania is a magical country and clearly a cheap destination for Canadians to travel to right now. If you're feeling daring try hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, if you're not you should definitely go bask in it's beauty for a little while. You can't miss their amazing national parks like Serengeti National Park or Ruaha National Park to see some unbelievable African wildlife such as elephants, zebras, lions, giraffes and so much more!

8. Argentina

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$1 CAD = 11.39 ARS

Cheapest Meal: $10.20

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $92/night

Cheapest Beer: $2.30

Argentina is one of the hottest travel destinations right now, especially for Canadians since we can stretch our dollar so far there. You have to spend a few nights in the amazing city of Buenos Aires, which has some great nightlife as well as so many things to see.

9. Belarus

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$1 CAD = 1.50 BYR

Cheapest Meal: $7.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $48/night

Cheapest Beer: $1.00

Belarus is definitely an underrated destination, but right now it's super affordable for us Canadians. While you're there you should definitely check out the capital, Minsk for some amazing sights and experiences. Head to Bialowieza national park to see some amazing nature, animals, and hiking or visit the gorgeous Grodno for some castles, churches, and monuments!

10. Indonesia

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$1 CAD = 10139.17 IND

Cheapest Meal: $2.22

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $28/night

Cheapest Beer: $2.17

Clearly the star of this list, Indonesia is a very popular destination for tourists right now because it's so gorgeous and it's incredibly affordable. If you're here you must go to Bali, which is known for it's serenity and relaxing atmosphere. You can take some yoga classes, relax at a spa, or spend your days on some of their sandy white beaches!

11. Vietnam

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$1 CAD = 17,023.15 VND

Cheapest Meal: $2.20

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $45/night

Cheapest Beer: $0.95

Vietnam is clearly one of the cheapest travel destinations right now, and this definitely goes for Canadian travellers as well. If you're looking for the absolute cheapest city to stay in, you should go to Ho Chi Minh City, which features some amazing temples and markets. If you're looking for beaches you should try Nha Trang or Phu Quoc, which both have some amazing beach resorts!

12. New Zealand

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$1 CAD = $1.05 NZD

Cheapest Meal: $15.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $97/night

Cheapest Beer: $8.00

Okay so New Zealand's currency is only slightly cheaper than ours by 5 cents but it's still affordable for Canadians. New Zealand is home to some of the most scenic views and nature and they are also home to some of the friendliest people in the world! If that isn't reason enough to come here I don't know what is! Visit their capital city, Wellington or visit the Bay of Islands, Milford Sound for waterfalls, or visit the Hobbit movie set!

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