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12 Very Real Struggles Of Dating A Guy From Montreal's St. Leonard

All worried, bro.
12 Very Real Struggles Of Dating A Guy From Montreal's St. Leonard

If you're dating someone from St. Leo, I don't even think I need to tell you how unique and awesome your significant other truly is. And part of that is because they come from one seriously unique and awesome spot in Montreal.

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St. Leonard is undoubtedly one of the more unique boroughs of the city. Actually, it's more like a city-within-a-city. Everyone knows each other, and if you're dating someone from St. Leonard, chances are you know everyone too - whether you're from there or not.

True talk, it's awesome to date a guy who comes from this part of town. But it doesn't come without its struggles. Hopefully, you guys can recognize yourselves in some of these, and laugh right along with me.

1. The struggle of deciding between Ciocaro's or Milano's.

Both places have awesome coffee. Both places have a glorious terrasse. Both places have delicious food.

But you both want to go to the other place. And you can only pick one. #GoodLuck.

2. The struggle of losing him to the gym at LDV.

When he says he's going training at Leonardo Da Vinci Centre, make other plans. You probably won't be seeing him for the whole afternoon, TBH.

3. The struggle of deciding whether to crack open a bottle of homemade wine or not.

Ah, deciding whether to bring his grandfather's homemade wine or the $80 bottle of pinot grigio you bought to the restaurant...

4. The struggle of trying to have an intimate date night at Phuket but running into everyone you've ever known.

When you're face deep in the Japanese Poutine at Resto Phuket, look up, and see bae waving over his aunt and uncle...

5. The struggle of trying to walk-of-shame it back to your place but running into everyone you've ever known.

When you're leaving his house at 7 AM to get back to your car/the bus/your place, look up, and see your high school teacher out for a jog...

6. The struggle of spending a nice day together at The Gals, but running into everyone you've ever known.

When you and your boyfriend are holding hands in Simons, look up, and see a squad of your ex boyfriends and his ex girlfriends coming towards you...

7. The struggle of spending all your time together on the terrasse at Milano's sipping cold coffees.

Is it summer? Is it nice out? Does Cafe Milano's have their cold coffee machine out for the year? Well, babe, guess we know what we're doing for the next three months!

8. The struggle of passing by his grandparents' house every time you go see him.

Because his grandmother either lives in his duplex upstairs, or like, right next door.

Bonus points if she peeks out the window to make sure you guys aren't doing anything scandalous, or if she lectures the both of you on how God. Is. Always. Watching.

9. The struggle of having his grandmother walk in on you guys all. The. Time.

When your bf's nonna comes over to bring fresh gnocchi and you're trying to avoid eye contact with her at all costs because she almost walked in on something that would scar her for life...

10. The struggle of getting him to venture past St. Michel. 

You want to go to a bar... in Little Burgundy? What the hell is Little Burgundy?

11. The struggle of trying to get to his house if he lives on Jarry.

Boyfriend: *lives corner Jarry and Lacordaire*

Jarry: *has been under construction for the past 89 years*

Me: *breaks up with bae*

12. The struggle of learning how to navigate the Met.

Sure, taking the highway is pretty much smooth sailing...

Except that literally everything in St. Leo is located in the side of the met. Want to go for a romantic stroll? Sure, just ignore the trillion cars coming at us from the service road.

Want to go to that new shop that just opened up? Sure, just take the first exit after Jarry.

Or before Jarry?

Or, wait. Is Jarry even an exit?

What is going on? WHO MADE THIS CITY?

13. The struggle of finding a close, fun place to go clubbing after they closed La Folie. 

Legit, when you live in the East End, and when you're in a relationship, it can be a little tempting to just chill in bed and watch Netflix together instead of venturing all the way downtow.

That's why La Folie was so perfect. It was on Viau where the Wal-Mart is now, so it was really close, and it was usually super fun. But then they closed, and as I learned the hard way, you cannot go clubbing at a Wal-Mart.

Gone but not forgotten, club that literally cost $7 by cab to get to. Gone but not forgotten.

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