12 Ways To Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Chill out with your four-legged friend.
12 Ways To Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

We wrote the other day about how to keep your apartment cool during these toasty summer months, and while that's very important (especially when you don't have AC) we can't forget about the furry creatures in our life. It can get pretty hot and muggy in Montreal, and our pets don't exactly know how to stop themselves from getting heat exhaustion, so it's up to us to help them out. Sure it might take a little extra effort, but we're certain they'll thank you for it!

Here are 12 ways to keep your four legged friend nice and cool this summer:

1. Make them some frozen treats, like these peanut butter popsicles.

2. It's a pretty obvious one, but don't overdo the exercise, and make sure you only take long walks in the morning and late at night.

3. Invest in a cooling pet pad for your buddy to lounge on to stay cool during the day.

4. Pay attention to their feet! Cats and dogs mainly sweat through their paws, so if they're leaving wet paw prints behind, they need their fluids replenished.

5. Put a mix of water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it on your pet's paws - it'll cool them down as it evaporates.

6. Brush out their fur daily - it'll help with shedding and keep their coat light.

7. Turn ice cubes into toys for some cooling fun. This works especially well for cats.

8. If you have a yard, set up a water dip for your dog so that they can cool off throughout the day.

9. Keep your dog's coat on the shorter side by consistently getting it either trimmed or shaven.

10. Wipe them down with a dampened towel, especially on the inside of their ears.

11. If you normally take your buddy with you when you're running errands in the car - don't. It gets extremely hot in there during the summer, so do them a favour and leave them at home.

12. Take them swimming! If you have access to a pool, take your dog for a dip the next time you go.

Pro tip: If you suspect the pavement is too hot, touch it with the back of your hand for 5 seconds. If you can't handle it, then neither can your dog's paws.

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