12 Ways To Spot A "Lumbersexual" In Montreal

Flannel is back in a whole new way.
12 Ways To Spot A "Lumbersexual" In Montreal

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A new fashion trend is infecting the men of Montreal. An evolution from the depths of hispterdom, fused with woodland outerwear and the attention to detail of metrosexuality, comes the Lumbersexual, a look you've no seen on the streets of Montreal.

For those who haven't heard the term, 'Lumbersexual' is the latest men's fashion trend, a portmanteau of lumberjack and metrosexual, and not a term for men with a lumberjack fetish, though I'm sure more than a few lumbersexuals would gladly give a BJ to an LJ any time of the day.

The etymology of the new men's fashion moniker stems from the fashion choices and mass amounts of grooming employed by a Lumbersexual. A man who is a Lumbersexual will pretty much wear what the Hunter from Snow White would, but look as prim and proper as a metrosexual, hence the name.

A Lumbersexual can easily be mistaken for a hispter, a bro sporting a checkered Abercrombie flannel, or an actual Lumberjack, so to help you decipher between fashion styles, we've created a handy checklist which will let you know if you are, in fact, staring at a Lumbersexual.

〉 Is he wearing red and black print flannel?

〉 Is he wearing any type of flannel?

〉 Are you in the Mile End or Plateau?

〉 Does he have a very full and suspiciously well-groomed beard, without a single hair out of place?

〉 Can you detect any beard wax used on said beard?

〉 Is his mustache curled, pointed, swirled, or otherwise styled in some way using beard wax?

〉 Are his pants held up by suspenders?

〉 Are his hands void of any calluses, blisters, or any sign that he has performed any manual labour in the recent past?

〉 Does he have an iPhone 6 in his pocket?

〉 Is he sporting over sized, yet somehow incredibly stylish, working boots void of any scuff marks or stains?

〉 Is he wearing jeans that are far from worn out and seem to cost well over $100?

〉 From head to toe, is his entire outfit colour-coordinated, to the point that his beard matches?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, for better or for worse, you have just encountered a Lumbersexual. Good luck, you have been warned. Personally, I'm kinda into it.

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