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13 Best Montreal Dumpling Restaurants You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

More like 'yum'plings.
13 Best Montreal Dumpling Restaurants You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

Dumplings are kind of an obsession of mine. This past year I think my roommates and I talked about dumplings almost everyday and we'd go out to eat dumplings at least once a month.Ā 

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They're just the best kind of food! You can get them in all forms from soup dumplings exploding with flavourful broth to crispy fried dumplings. And the possibilities for flavours are honestly endless.Ā 

Luckily, Montreal is packed with amazing dumpling restaurants! Although the majority of them are in the downtown/chinatown area you can find hidden gems all over.Ā 

Best Dumplings In Le PlateauĀ šŸ“

Best Dumplings In Downtown MontrealĀ šŸ‘…

Best Dumplings In Old MontrealšŸ“

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Best Dumplings In Le Plateau:Ā 

1. Harbin DumplingsĀ 

via @frenchcuisse

4801 St Laurent Blvd

This cute and cozy dumpling spot on St Laurent is definitely one to check out if you haven't already! They serve up some amazing bowls of dumplings and tons of appetizers to go with them!

2. Bar SuzanneĀ 

via @unechicgeek

20 Avenue Duluth E

This cool dumpling bar just opened this summer and they're already killing it! They serve amazing cocktails along with some unique flavours of dumplings like lamb seaweed, rabbit carrot, and pork and shrimp! They all come in different colours from black to yellow to green making some seriously unique plates.

3. Chinoiseries & Dumpling

via @dahllii

4507 Rue Chabot

This dumpling spot has perfected all of your favourite Chinese classics. This family run joint makes dumplings so good their almost addictive, and you won't have to trek all the way to Chinatown to get them!

4. Pamika Brasserie Thai

via @siusiuyueb

901 Sherbrooke St E

This spot makes some insanely creative Thai food, and although it's not an actual dumpling spot they do serve dumplings as well! They serve a Thai version of dumplings with pork tenderloin, carrots and Asian cabbage. They also serve some crazy dishes like rice in a whole pineapple!

5. The Dumpling Hut

via @cultmtl

This menu is dumplings only but they're all made perfectly! It's a low-key spot for any day of the week if you're looking to satisfy your dumpling craving at a quick and easy spot!

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Best Dumplings In Downtown Montreal:Ā 

1. Qing Hua Dumpling

via @katefeldman_

1019 St Laurent Blvd

The dumplings at this spot will be some of the most flavourful you've ever tasted! The menu is simple, they only serve beer, and it's a cash-only spot but they have some of the best dumplings me and many others have ever eaten in the city!

2. Sammi & Soup DumplingĀ 

via @_runandgun_

1909 Saint-Catherine St W

This was one of me and my roommate's go-to spots for dumpling because it's quick and easy but the dumplings are to die for! If you love everything to do with soup dumplings I guarantee you'll love this spot! All the flavours are amazing and each bite is perfectly juicy and flavourful.

3. Oh!Ā DumplingsĀ 

via @yiseola

1050 Clark St

This Chinatown spot serves up a variety of good eats. They have everything from green dumplings to bubble tea to noodle dishes and more! The dumplings come in huge plates of 15 dumplings and you can choose to enjoy them either steamed or fried.

4. Mai Xiang YuanĀ 


1082 St Laurent Blvd

This was the first dumpling spot I ever tried in the city and it's a must-visit FOR SURE! This spot is always busy because it's a little tiny spot in Chinatown that serves some killer dumplings. My favourite was the pork and mushroom or the shrimp, leek and egg but you honestly can't go wrong here with any choice!

5. Mei RestaurantĀ 

via @efeeja.fooddiary

1425 Mackay St

This Chinese restaurant specializes in dim sum and dumplings! Try their unreal soup dumplings, wonton soups, Chinese crispy pancakes, BBQ lamb skewers and sooo much more goodness.

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Best Dumplings In Old Montreal:

1. Orange Rouge

106 Rue de la GauchetiĆØre O

This cool Asian-fusion spot offers some unique dishes and a full menu of craft and imported beers, teas, and awesome dumplings! Although it's still in Chinatown, it's near the bottom end, closer to Old Montreal.

2. Papillon Bleu

via @sudagram_ma

200 St Jacques St

You've got to try this awesome Chinese restaurant that makes classic dishes in the best way. They also have a delicious dumpling appetizer to start off your meal.

BONUS:Ā Ā Bao Bao Dim Sum

via @angelamaeu

83 Rue de la GauchetiĆØre O

This cute spot doesn't serve dumplings but they serve dim sum and these adorable steamed buns made into cartoon characters! If you're looking for a completely unique food that would look great on your Instagram, this is the place!

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