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13 Best Places Where You Can Get A Classic Montreal Breakfast

As authentic as it gets.
13 Best Places Where You Can Get A Classic Montreal Breakfast

Classic Montreal breakfasts are absolutely amazing and they are the perfect "go to" breakfast dishes! A Classic Montreal breakfast involves 2 eggs, bacon, beans, creton, and a bagel instead of toast or bagel and lox! I mean these dishes literally make my mouth water!

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Fair warning... You might start drooling as you read this article, but it's all worth it so that you can plan the perfect breakfast date this week! Instead of getting chocolate crepes and crazy waffles, stick to the classics that Montreal has to offer because nothing gets better than this.

1. Get Classic At Bagel ETC

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4320 Boul St-Laurent

If you’re a bagel lover, then you’re going to love this place! You can get a classic bagel with lox and I swear you will become obsessed!  It's all fresh and packed with smoked salmon to make your day extra special!


2. Get Classic At Greenspot

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3041 Rue Notre-Dame O

This old-school dinner is the absolute perfect location for a classic breakfast in Montreal! They have perfected eggs, bacons, bagels, creton, beans, and basically everything else!


3. Get Classic At Le Vieux Saint-Laurent

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For a cheap but amazing classic breakfast in Montreal, check outLe Vieux St-Laurent! You can order a classic egg, bacon, and toast meal for under $10, including coffee. It doesn't get much better than this.


4. Get Classic At Beauty's Luncheonette

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93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

They have had over 50 years of practice so you can expect a master classic breakfast dish when coming here! Get you bagel game on here!


5. Get Classic At Café Orange

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4011 Bd Décarie

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