13 Cool Montreal Restaurants You Should Totally Go On A "Double Date"

You know it'll be twice the fun!
13 Cool Montreal Restaurants You Should Totally Go On A "Double Date"

If you and your BF or GF are looking for something new to do with another couple, then I suggest checking out the list below! Not only do all these restaurants have delicious food, but they all have unique factors to them that will keep you guys talking all night!

We all know how it can get a bit boring sometimes doing the same things all the time so now it's time to try something new! And who better to do it than with another couple! Double dating is honestly super fun and a great way to have new things to do and talk about with that special someone!

1. Enjoy A Double Date At La Fonderie For Fondue

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964 Rue Rachel E

Ah, La Fonderie. This Plateau staple has been in Montreal for decades, and for one very good reason: their fondue is completely out of world. Not only does this spot offer multiple different types of delicious fondues – such as Swiss cheese and Fondue Bourguignonne – but it is a perfect location for a double date since you can share! This is a great way to bond with another couple over melted cheese and finger foods!


2. Enjoy A Double Date At Toyo For Teppanyaki Cuisine

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2155 Rue de la Montagne

One of my personal favorite locations for a double date is Toyo in Down Town Montreal. They specialize in Teppanyaki cuisine where they put on a show while making your food. This is a great way to laugh and remain entertained while on a double date. Not only do the chefs put on a show, but the chefs are also super interactive with your table! For a full meal including absolutely everything, it only costs between 20-40$ to have dinner and show.


3. Enjoy A Double Date At Takumi For All You Cna Eat Shushi

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405 Rue Sherbrooke E

Takumi Fusion Asiatique Sushi is another perfect restaurant for a double date since it's all you can eat sushi and everyone can try a little bit of everything. This restaurant specializes, not only in sushi, but also in tropical sushi pizza, featuring mango and crab; grilled tilapia; and lamb yakitori.

4. Enjoy A Double Date At  C’ChoColat For Chocolate Bombs And Fun Drinks

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1255 Rue Bishop

Since everyone loves desert, C'Chocolat is a perfect restaurant to go to if you are planning a double date with your BF and BFF! They offer unique deserts that will wow you all and keep you talking about it forever! Their service is A+ and You are guaranteed a good time... A extra good time if you get the chocolate bomb!


5. Enjoy A Double Date At Oasis Surf For Surfing

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9520 Boulevard

To have fun and dinner all in one, I suggest checking out Oasis Surf! This unique double date idea is honestly where you will all have to most fun! Oasis surf is a great place to go to when you want to have an adventurous time with your closest friends. It is super fun and has great food! This is a great place for that crazy fun couple you and your BF love going out with.


6. Enjoy A Double Date At Terrasse Place D'armes For Food And A View

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55 Saint-Jacques Street, 8th floor

This has to be one of the best terrasses I've ever been to! Not only is the view superb but so is their dinning! They drinks are sweet and their meals are always fresh and basically perfect. This terrasse is a fantastic location for a double date since it turns into a bar afterwards.


7. Enjoy A Double Date At Terrasse St. Ambroise For Biking

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5080 Rue Saint-Ambroise

If you and another ocouple love sports, then it is your mission to take them to Terrasse St. Ambroise! Terrasse St. Ambroise is actually amazing. I just went there this weekend with my boyfriend after we biked long the water near Atwater market. The beer is superb and they have great snack food. So I suggest hitting up that fun couple for a nice bike ride and then drinks at Terrasse St. Ambroise.


8. Enjoy A Double Date At La Belle Et La Boeuf For Sangria

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1620 Rue Ste-Catherine O

For some drinks and small talk, I suggest hitting up La Belle Et La Boeuf for their breathtaking sangria! With about six different types of sangria to choose from – including one that features Sourpuss, pineapple juice, and elderflower cordial – both couples will have a hard time choosing! This is a great location for fun drinks and fun talks!


9. Enjoy A Double Date At Fonzoo For Nintendo Games

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1245 Drummond

Foonzo is a bar where you’ll find some classic old school consoles as well as a bunch of board games. But most of all, you will enjoy playing old school Nintendo games where it's couples VS couples! This is super fun for a double date and I mean who doesn't enjoy friendly competition!


10. Enjoy A Double Date At Le Ceramic Café For Painting And Snacks

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4338 St Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

Le Céramic Café is a place where you can enjoy some yummy snack while you paint your life away! Here, you and your double date can enjoy some fun times painting, eating, and laughing at the messes each of you just probably made. This is great for those artsy couples!


11. Enjoy A Double Date At Paint The Nite For Painting And Drinks

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Paint the Nite is an event spread all around the world where you can socialize, paint and drink it up with your special someone. So, why not do it with another couple as well! Paint the Nite is honestly fun for everyone! You and your fellow couple can have a painting competition and great drinks while enjoying each others company!


12. Enjoy A Double Date At Le Passé Composé For Brunch

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950 Roy E

Le Passé Composé is as classy brunch that people love for their amazing brunches and superb pictures! So, why not start the morning off right with another couple you love and some great breakfast! This is truly a great restaurant to enjoy that special someone and their friends!


13. Enjoy A Double Date At Café Restaurant Jounieh For Shisha

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215 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu, Saint-Laurent

For an authentic Lebanese experience, I suggest checking out Café Restaurant Jounieh. They have superb dishes and great shisha that is perfect for a double date. I highly recommend them for a double date since you can eat, smoke, and chill out with your friends.


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