13 Different Beers That Strongly Represent 13 Different Montreal Boroughs

You live in them and drink them almost everyday.
13 Different Beers That Strongly Represent 13 Different Montreal Boroughs

Photo cred - mfajardo & Federico Uribe

Montreal is one of the great cultural centres of the world. With great culture, comes good drinking, and with good drinkers, comes good beers. Ever wondered about what beer does your hood feels like? Read on…

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Westmount & Stella Artois

Let’s talk about a beer that is served on a gold rimmed glass. Westmount is fancy and sophisticated. with a plethora of influences. Stella Artois is imported, Fancy, sophisticated and yes, it is served in a gold-rimmed glass.

Villeray & Unibroue's Maudite

Besides cozy bars and intimate restaurants, Jarry Park, TOHU, and La Cité des arts du cirque (including the Cirque du Soleil and the École nationale du cirque) are a few features of Villeray. Nothing better than hanging out with a beautiful bottle of Unibroue's Maudite ( a strong amber-red ale) wrapped in a paper bag at Jarry Park.

Plateau & Tremblay

Plateau Mont-Royal was once rated one of the 15 "hippest" neighbourhoods in North America. Formerly a working-class neighbourhood, today people from the plateau live in one of the coolest place on earth… Shh don’t say that to a Mile-Ender. Complexity, diversity, body and flavour are commun aspects of Le Plateau and Tremblay. Now got out on a terrace and order that magnificent pitcher of Original Blond Tremblay.

Hochelaga & Old Milwaukee

The neighbourhood has residential architecture unique to Montreal, notably featuring outdoor spiraling metal staircases. “Shhlag” is the home of Olympic Park, containing the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Tower, Saputo Stadium, Biodome, Olympic Pool, Maurice Richard Arena, and Parc Maisonneuve. Old Milwaukee drips down Hochelaga streets and when it’s sunny with a chance of beer a Carling sounds just perfect for Broshlags.

CDN &  Ephemère aux Pommes + Black Velvet

Did you know that Côte-des-Neiges was once an orchard and that the whole 'hood was full of farms and green spaces? You can actually still see some centenary trees in some areas. CDN is home to College Brebeuf, University of Montreal, Plaza Côte-des-Neiges and Saint Joseph's Oratory, whose large domes that perch above the neighborhood being one of CDN's most important tourist attraction. An Ephemère aux Pommes during those summer nights in CDN seems like the perfect option. During the winter, a Black Velvet, which is Guinness with a hint of apple cider, because you'll feel nostalgic for that Orchard.

Mile End

Mile End is known for its culture, an artistic neighbourhood, home to artists, musicians, writers, and filmmakers such as Arcade Fire, Bran Van 3000, Ariane Moffatt, Grimes, Sean Michaels and Plants and Animals. There are many more but you get the idea. Many art galleries, designers' workshops, boutiques and cafés are found in the neighborhood too. Being so artsy, no other beer in the world is more appropriate than the best of all the low cost beers: PABST BLUE RIBBON.

West Island & Budweiser

The West Island, besides having large suburban development (malls, highways, etc.) features big green spaces, trails, nature reserves, golf courses, beaches, museums, and more, it is a melting pot of different cultures. You can never go wrong with a bohemian-style Lager like Budweiser or even a refreshing pale ale as Molson Canadian.

Saint-Henri & St-Ambroise Double IPA

Spicy bitterness, traditional, somehow different from the norm nowadays. Am i describing St-Henri, or St-Ambroise IPA? St-henri has a strong flavour with all the influence of its past and the perspective of the future. That eclectic community is making the neighbourhood a trendy place to be. Just like St-ambroise IPA. So good.

Montreal Nord & Corona

Quebecois, Haitians, North Africans, Italians and Hispanic makes Corona the perfect brew for this neighbourhood; Fresh, light and easygoing.

Rosemont-La petite-patrie & Labatt 50

Let me tell you that this neighbourhood is called La Petite-Patrie because of a TV Soap by Claude Jasmin from back in the 70’s. One can just walk the streets of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie and think of happy moments. Since Labatt 50 was Canada’s best-selling beer until 1979, and Rosemont-La petite-patrie has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 1979, One couldn't think of a better match. Labatt 50 you were made for this very, very awesome french Quartier.

Ahuntsic & Belle Guelle

Up, up, past the 40, there’s water on the other side. Ahuntsic became an official part of Montreal in 2002. Remember "The Rocket," Maurice Richard ? Well he lived the majority of his life in this neighborhood. Nothing screams Ahuntsic more than Belle Gueule Red, Pilsner or Original.

Ville Emard & Colt 45

Welcome to fabulous Ville-Émard. The large English-style Angrignon Park was opened on the former Crawford family farm in the early 1900’s. One cannot be wrong by having a Picnic with a big supply of Colt 45.

The Village & Hoegaarden

You all know that Sainte-Catherine Street, heart of the Village, becomes a pedestrian street from May to September. The wide outdoors offers many terraces, welcoming tourists with major events such as Fierté Montreal Pride and Divers-Cité's Festival. Get that pint of Hoegaarden with a perfect slice of orange and say cheers for a good time.

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