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13 Epic Montreal University Student Discounts You Need To Take Advantage Of ASAP

Making your life easier one deal at a time.
13 Epic Montreal University Student Discounts You Need To Take Advantage Of ASAP

Now that school's back in session it's time for all of us students to buckle down and get into our studies. Most nights we're going to be slaving over our textbooks and laptops trying to keep up with all of our assignments.

There's lots of necessities we're going to need to make this semester bearable such as a new laptop, back to school clothes, food and so much more! Lucky for us students we don't have to break the bank when investing in these sorts of things. Montreal offers a whole lot of student deals so we can get those things that we need without dishing out loads of cash!

Check out the list below for some of the best student discounts right here in Montreal!

1. TopShop

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If you're looking to step up your back to school wardrobe, Topshop is the place to go. They offer 10% off discounts with your student ID! Definitely the place to go this fall if you're looking for a cute skirt to wear to class, an adorable fall jacket, or cute fall boots!

2. Provigo

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As a student, groceries are very important but they can also get pretty expensive. Lucky for us, Provigo offers 10% off all your groceries on Mondays with your student ID! So it's time to move your grocery day to Mondays, everybody.

3. Opus Card

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If you don't already know about this one, it's a huge life saver for all students. Regular fare for a monthly opus is card is $83 and the price of a student monthly fare is only $49.75. That's a huge difference and will definitely help you when you want to get around the big city of Montreal this year.

4. Best Buy

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Yup, that's right Best Buy has some awesome deals for students such as exclusive deals on laptops, tablets and small appliances. So if you're in desperate need of new laptop to make it through this new school year, you should definitely head over to Best Buy and one for cheap!

5. Via Rail

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If you're a Montreal student that came from anywhere else in Canada, one of the easiest ways to get back home is by train. Luckily Via Rail offers some awesome student offers which make it totally affordable for us to head back for holidays like Thanksgiving this fall, or anytime we want really!

Check out their student deals here!

6. Yoga Classes

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Lots of Montreal yoga studios offer awesome student prices of 15% off regular monthly fees! Try Luna Yoga and Yoga Tree to name a couple. If you do your research I'm sure you can find so many more close to your area of Montreal!

7. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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Montreal's Museum of Fine offers amazing discounts for not only students, but for all young adults aged 13-30! They have reduced the price of this age group for major exhibitions from the regular price of $20 to the discounted price of only $12! That's a pretty good price to pay for an awesome cultural experience right here in the city. Or if you're looking for a completely free visit Thursdays are free for all students!

8. Dairy Queen

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Dairy Queen is one of the most classic ice cream shops that just never gets old. Their blizzards are literally amazing and if anyone disagrees you should definitely give it one more shot because you won't be disappointed. Now, they're offer a student discount of 10% off your order at most locations! Head over to the nearest Dairy Queen near you to get your discounted treat.

9. Amazon

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Amazon is offering an almost unbelievable student deal right now. All you have to do is sign up for a free 6 month trial of Amazon Prime and you'll receive all of your orders within 2 days! Once your 6 month trial is up, you'll get 50% off the regular price of Amazon Prime from there on out. That's pretty amazing if you ask me!

10. Espace Nomad Spa

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Now that we're back to school it's only a matter of time before the midterms, assignments, and exams start piling on the stress. Lucky for us students though, Espace Nomad, a spa in the Mile End, is offering 20% off all facials and massages for students on Thursday evenings! Sometimes we need to treat ourselves, and fall is the perfect time for that.

Visit their website to book your reservation!

11. Haircut At Academie Tornade

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It's fall now, which means it's the perfect time to switch up your hair do! Try a style that you've been wanting to try but have been nervous to, or just get a trim you've been needing all summer. At Academie Tornade hair salon they offer haircuts by students for only $7! You'll definitely be saving the big bucks here.

12. Montreal Biodome

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If you've been wanting to explore the amazing things this city has to offer, such as the Montreal Biodome now's your chance. The Biodome is home to lots of exotic animals in their recreated natural habitats. Good news for students is that they offer student discounts from the regular price of $19.75 down to $14.50!

13. Anna Nails

Monday at the nail salon. Rendez vous hebdomadaire chez Anna Nail Salon pour une nouvelle manucure ! ?? #annanailsalon #shanghai #nails #opi #vernis

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Anna Nail Salon located in the Fresh Coiffure Salon offers super cheap manicures for only $25 plus they offer a student discount of 15% off on top of that! If you're need to get your nails all dolled up for fall, this is definitely the place to go for a good student deal.

Visit this salon at this location!

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