13 Montreal Things To Do That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Trampolines, paintball, go-karting and so much more!
13 Montreal Things To Do That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

 As we get older, the responsibilities of being an adult are thrown at us so quickly. Finding a career, balancing our finances and learning to become self sufficient becomes reality, and suddenly we are expected to socially conform to what it means to be an adult. We dream of the days we roamed free as children, not a care in the world. We fantasize about a time when our biggest problem was getting sand in our mouths at the park. We look out from our boring work cubicles, feeling nostalgic about a much simpler time.

Finally, we think to ourselves, how can I relieve my stress, forget about being an adult, and just act like a kid again? If you responded with playing in a park, that is definitely not the answer if you'd like to stay off some sort of sexual predator list. Instead, try one of these wickedly fun activities with some friends, family or coworkers.  These activities will not disappoint!

1. Go glow in the dark mini putting at Putting Edge

3500 Boulevard De La Cote Vertu or 1259 Rue Guy or 105 Promenade du Centropolis

Everyone loves mini putting, no matter what age! Take your mini golf fun up a notch by trying out glow in the dark putting at Putting Edge! With two locations, this very accessible activity can be enjoyed in Ville Saint-Laurent, Laval, or Downtown right across from Concordia's engineering building! You can even make it a late night activity, as they are open til 12 or 1 (depending on your location of choice) on Fridays and Saturdays!


2. Jump around at Isaute

2045 Boulevard Daganais Ouest

Isaute is a Trampoline filled centre of fun! This 2000 foot warehouse turned trampoline heaven includes trampoline dodgeball court, basketball nets, and, my personal favourite, a foam pit! You can also skip the gym because you'll be burning TONS of calories jumping around! Isaute is looking to open two more venues in the West Island and the South Shore in 2016.


Photo cred - Neo Arcadia

3. Get your arcade gaming on at Amusement 2000

1381 Rue St. Catherine Ouest

Located in the heart of downtown, Amusement 2000 is the place to satisfy all your arcade gaming needs! This place will remind you of the days when arcades were the place to be. You know, back when we couldn't play all these games online. There's nothing like sitting down at a game, ready to shatter records! It's truly a completely different experience than playing the same game on your smart phone!

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4. Go rock climbing at Allez Up

1555 Rue St. Patrick

Allez Up has been a Montreal classic since 1996. The staff are commited to helping their customers develop rock climbing skills while being safety- conscious! Whether you want to become a rock-climbing pro, or just wanna climb once in a while, they truly have something for everyone! They offer courses on belaying, intro to rock climbing, and even yoga. Allez Up is open throughout the week from 630 am until 12 am, and from 8 am until 10 pm on weekends.


5.  Give the animals some love at Granby Zoo or Parc Safari

1050 Boulevard David Bouchard N or 850 Route 202

We are so fortunate to have not one, but TWO zoos right around the corner! Both about an hour away from Montreal, Granby Zoo and Parc Safari both have so much to offer, including a wide variety of animals and a water park. If you are an animal lover, these two facilities are truly for you! Granby Zoo is even open during the winter, featuring exotic animals including Snow Leopards and Himalayan Black Bears!

Website - Granby Zoo

Website - Parc Safari

6. Become a lazer champ at Lazer Quest

1226 Rue St. Catherine Ouest

Lazer Quest is the ultimate way to battle it out with your crew! Located downtown, Lazer Quest is reasonably priced and a whole lot of fun! They're open until midnight on weekends and have great pizza deals, as well as the option of bringing your own food! They are welcoming and accommodating to big and small groups of all ages.


Photo cred - Montreal Visitors Guide

7. Scream and shout on the roller coasters at LaRonde

22 Chemin Macdonald

LaRonde is Montreal's world-famous amusement park. With world breaking record coasters like the Monster (the largest wooden roller coaster in Canada and tallest two track wooden coaster in the world), the roller coasters at LaRonde are bound to give you a thrill! LaRonde is a Six Flags amusement park, and members can use their season passes to enter any Six Flags Amusement park. Their newest attraction "Le Maison Rouge" is a labyrinth horror house that will definitely keep you on your toes!


8. Learn something new at the Montreal Science Centre

2 Rue De La Commune Ouest

The Montreal Science Centre is full of fun and exciting exhibits, and it's right on the water in the Old Port! Their newest temporary exhibits include Game On, which gives a history of gaming, and gives a look into what the future of video games might look like. The centre is also fully equipped with an IMAX theatre, and shows educational yet mind-blowing films about species or concepts we do not understand that well, such as the ocean, dinosaurs and space!


9. Race your friends at Kart-O-Mania

5196 De La Savane

Kart-O-Mania prides itself on being the best indoor track in Montreal. Go Karting is the ultimate activity to feel young and reckless again! If you're not big on this activity, no biggie! There's a nice spectator viewing area where you can watch your friends rip it on the track. The track can be reserved for private functions, and could be a fun place to let loose with some co-workers after a long day at the office!


10. Declare paintball war at Action 500

2025 AutoRoute 440 or 5592 Hochelaga

There's no better way to blow off some steam. Action 500 has two awesome locations and also offers go-karting. They have a whopping four paintball fields and seven scenarios to choose from, including bank robbery (for a reservation of eight or more people). They pride themselves on being the largest indoor paintball field in North America. They use tons of props in their scenarios, such as rocket launchers, army jeeps, wrecked cars, ladders and so much more! It's truly a great to unleash your not so professional side!


11. Defy Gravity at SkyVenture

2700 Ave Du Cosmodome

If you're a big dreamer, you've probably wondered what gravity-free life would feel like. SkyVenture gives you just that! Experience an entirely new sensation that is out of this world (literally). SkyVenture is open to guests of all ages (4 years old and up) and gives you a small taste of what it feels like to skydive. SkyVenture even accommodates those with disabilities when contacted in advance so that they can fully prepare! An incomparable experience, this is guaranteed fun for everyone!


Photo cred - Atrium Le 1000

12. Indoor skating at the Atrium Le 1000

1000 De La Gauchetiere Ouest

This is the most exciting skating rink in the city, hands down! The Atrium keeps the party going with music, heaters and a full food court circulating the rink! The atrium offers skating classes for kids and adults alike, accommodating all levels of skaters. On Wednesday nights pay only $5 to skate your heart out! The vibe at the Atrium is fun and friendly; you could skate for hours, completely oblivious to how much time has passed!


13. Ride the Lachine Rapids with Saute Moutons

47 Rue De La Commune O

This incredible ride is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and maybe even pee your pants (don't worry, we wont tell!) Saute Moutons offers both jet boating and speed boating, giving boat riders a thrill and a beautiful view of downtown Montreal. Jet boating is a one hour ride, and speed boating is a twenty minute ride (does not go into the rapids). Open all summer long, don't forget your bathing suits cuz it's gonna be a wet and wild ride!


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