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13 Montreal Things You Need To Do Before Summer Is Over

Make the most of what warm weather you have left.

I think every year we're all guilty of saying that we're going to do endless amazing things over the summer, but by the time August rolls around, you haven't actually done any of them. Now that summer's coming to a close, you may be realizing that it was lacking in certain Montreal activities, but fear not! We've got you covered. Montreal really is epic during the summer months - it's what makes the extremely cold, and usually down-right miserable, winters worth it. If you do all 13 of these things, you'll be guaranteed to make it the best summer, and possibly year, ever.

1. Spend an evening with a drink in hand at Jardins Gamelin

Photo Cred - Dan Ménard

2. Soak up the sun and lounge your day away at Old Port's Clock Tower Beach

3. Grab a book or a frisbee and head on over to Parc La Fontaine for some fun in one of Montreal's green spaces

4. Take a walk up Mont Royal for an amazing view before the colder weather sets in

5. Spend a Sunday lounging in the park, having a drink, and taking in the music at Tam Tams

6. Hit up as many of Montreal's awesome ice cream shops as you can

Photo Cred - unjouramontreal

7. Grab some food from one of Montreal's pop up/outdoor eating spots like Dinette Triple Crown or Muv Box

8. Rent a bike, or grab your own, and go on a biking tour of Montreal

9. Have a drink, or five, on one of Montreal's many amazing terrasses

10. Take a trip to Au Pied Du Courant, Montreal's boardwalk village, for food trucks, cafes, terraces and awesome art

11. Stroll through the always bustling Gay Village while it's still car free

Photo Cred - MontrealPhotoDaily

12. Get some fresh summer fruit and veg at one of Montreal's markets

13. Catch a flick under the stars at one of Montreal's outdoor movies

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