13 Myths About Montreal Girls

You love and hate them because of these.
13 Myths About Montreal Girls

A myth is a 

When you think about Montreal girls, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  This exercise is for both men and women. Don't forget to be very, very honest.

There are some myths surrounding Montreal Girls. Today we will unveil these myths, once and for all. Are you ready?

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Montreal Girls Are For One Night Stands

If you think you will go to a nightclub and bring home a Montreal girl, you better be extra lucky. This is rare, not to say impossible. Montreal girls like to party and enjoy meeting new people, but men will need to make an effort to bring them home. Montreal girls like to get to know the other person before doing anything too intimate. If you wanna meet beautiful women, Montreal is the right place for you. If you want a one night stand, not so much.

Montreal Girls Are Cold As Ice

Some people may say Montreal girls are cold, but they're not. They are very receptive when it comes to meeting strangers and socializing. Unlike other girls from other countries and cities, Montreal girls make eye contact and check men out, too. Why shouldn't they? Both men and women have the same rights. Besides beautiful, Montreal girls are also friendly and social.

Montreal Girls Are Attracted To Douchebags

One of the worldwide myths is that girls are attracted to douchebags. Not Montreal girls. They don't like to go out with douchebags and find the idea completely gross. If you're one of these guys who treats women like a piece of meat, forget about Montreal. Seriously, it's time to grow up and stop being a douchebag, by the way. It's not funny, it's absolutely not sexy and Montreal girls despise the fact that douchebags think they might have a chance with them. (If you don't know the definition of "douchebag" it's because you probably are one.)

Montreal Girls Are Easily Annoyed

Montreal girls claim to be very easygoing. They might get a little too anxious sometimes, but not completely annoyed. It's easy to see a relaxed Montreal girl having fun during the day or night. Montreal girls like to enjoy their friends and relaxing events, such as music festivals, cool bars and nightclubs. If you're really trying to piss a Montreal girl off, you gotta do something extremely annoying. Otherwise you will see them laughing and making fun of you. That's it.

Montreal Girls Are Sexists/Feminists

There's no such thing as "this is a girl's behaviour" or "this is not for men" in Montreal. The girls here won't judge men by their clothes, hair style or mannerisms. Montreal girls also don't appreciate sexist advertisements. They appreciate freedom and respect people's opinions and choices. Some feminists would say people can only be sexist towards women, but it's not true. Unlike other cities and countries, Montreal girls don't support any sexist and harsh feminist behaviours.

Montreal Girls Won't Split The Restaurant Bill

If you go out with a Montreal girl, you better know she will split the bill with you. Some people think they are obliged to pay the bill when going out with a Montreal girl. They're not. This is a nice way Montreal girls have to show men how independent they are. If they go out with you it's because they want to enjoy your time together. It's always polite to ask, but Montreal girls will pay for their own bills, most of the time. Every rule has an exception, of course. That's why it's always better to ask before paying.

Montreal Girls Are Spoiled

Some would say Montreal girls are "spoiled princesses" or "nazi feminists". This is not true, not at all. Montreal girls chase their dreams, study and work hard to get what they want. They have their own opinions, values and creeds. This is commonly misinterpreted and people believe Montreal girls are spoiled because of their looks and feminists because of their actions. Not at all.

Montreal Girls Criticize Online Dating

Instead of judging people who make use of online dating websites, Montreal girls embrace the cause. They are on almost every one of them. POF, Tinder, Okcupid, you name it. Montreal girls enjoy their freedom and like to have fun. Why not, right? You never know who you could meet because of these websites and apps. So be ready to find a lot of Montreal girls when using your online dating apparatus.

Montreal Girls Prefer The Ordinary

Some girls like the ordinary, the accepted stereotype. Not Montreal girls. They enjoy diversity as much as they enjoy Nutella. That's why tourists like Montreal, because the girls here love outsiders. They are different from the ordinary and are usually very interesting. Montreal girls like that. That's why you see a lot of diverse couples in Montreal, because the girls appreciate the unusual.

Montreal Girls Are Grumpy

Some people may say Montreal girls are grumpy, but they are not. They are usually in a very good mood at work and at school. They are usually laughing and relaxed, not grumpy at all. Girls have bad days -- like anyone else, it's true. But saying they are grumpy is completely inaccurate.

Montreal Girls Appreciate Stereotypes

If you tell a Montreal girl she's cooler because she's francophone, she will probably lecture you about how wrong you are. If you tell a Montreal girl she's more sophisticated because she's anglophone, she will instantly prove you wrong. Montreal girls don't appreciate stereotypes. Nobody is the same, we are all different people. Unlike other cultures, Montreal girls don't like to be tagged as a product, a group or a stereotype.

Montreal Girls Are Conformists

Montreal girls fight for their rights. They don't accept established practices and behaviours they don't agree with. You can count on Montreal girls to make a difference in every protest, every march, parade and whatever else people do to get the Government's attention. Montreal girls will do whatever it takes to show people they are completely free.

Montreal Girls Enjoy Being Single

People can say whatever it is they wanna say. Montreal girls don't enjoy being single. Some girls around the world enjoy going to nightclubs and bars to make out with different guys. Not Montreal girls. They prefer a long term relationship other than being with different guys all the time. Montreal is a very romantic city, with perfect spots for love and couples. Being single is hard and Montreal girls don't like it. Some Montreal girls may say they enjoy being single, but they are only trying to look tough. Deep inside, they would love to find the one.

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