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13 People You Will Eventually Meet While Studying At Concordia University

Scope out the Canvas Kid and the Urban Hippy!
13 People You Will Eventually Meet While Studying At Concordia University

Photo cred - Concordia

When you go to a school that hosts over 40, 000 students you’re bound to meet a lot of people. Students come from far and wide to attend Concordia University. There are so many differentiating programs within this school, so you end up with an eclectic jumble of a community. If you’ve ever gone or are currently attending Concordia, here are some folks you might have met on the way.

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1. The Future Business Tycoon

Of course. JMSB is a breeding ground of suits and big ambitions.

2. The Major Floater

They switch from Anthropology to Women’s Studies to Drawing and Painting. These kinds of students will never settle, and instead try to get the most out of their five years.

3. The Super Student

How some people can have a double major and double minor is beyond me. On top of that, there will be those selected few who also participate in CSU activities and work nights.

Photo cred - Margo T

4. The Residence Hermit

There is that one guy who will seldom leave his bathrobe let alone the res building.

5. The Voguer

Concordians are trendsetters to the max. Everytime you walk onto campus you feel like you’re suddenly a part of NYFW. But some of these peeps just take fashion to a whole new level.

6. The “You Don’t Even Go Here” Kid

I have met so many people on campus (sitting in on lectures, eating lunch etc.) who don’t go to Concordia. McGill kids escaping the hustle or store clerks from Saint Cats nomming on Peoples Potato. It’s weird man.

7. The Guy Who Is Always On Smoke Break

I pray to God you don’t get stuck with this dude for a group project. Or have to sit beside him in class. You’ll constantly be up and down to let him out of the row, or having to keep him up on what he missed at group meetings.

8. The Hostess

For some people, having a massive party every weekend is no big deal. I salute you brave hosts, Concordia parties are not mild to say the least.

9. The Urban Hippy

I’m happy these urban hippies exist. I need their free trade coffee and smiling faces to get my activist butt into gear.

Photo cred - Funny Happy

10. The Artiste

Some people get a little too caught up in the art scene. Like, they pirouette instead of walk.

11. The Schedule Twin

You don’t know this kid at all. But without fail they are in all your classes, take the same train, eat at the same places, etc. It happens every semester.

12. The Canvas Kid

We’ve all seen the sorry sight of that poor bastard walking down to the subway with his giant canvas.

13. The Ramona Flowers

Concordians seem to be developing a Ramona Flowers complex. If you are unfamiliar with Scott Pilgrim, essentially this means that people are dying their hair different colours mega frequently. Its kind of nice though. It brightens up the place.

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