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13 Pictures Of Montreal And Its Beautiful Models Shot All Over The City

Sexy and sublime.

Photo cred - Sean Sayed

Standard portrait photography series zero in on a single subject, with the person the focus of the photo. Secondary are the setting and surroundings around the subject, as the model is at the forefront of the photo. Montreal photographer Sean Sayed strays away from the standard portrait photography formula and creates photos where the model and environment compliment on another, rather than one superseding the other.

Currently a student at Marianopolis, Sean Sayed's photographic skill goes well beyond his years. Taking a photo of a pretty model is easy, but Sayed is able to craft a photographic scene where the subject and setting are interwoven, with the latter playing off of the former. In other words, the model reflects the environment, and vice versa.

Travelling all around the Montreal, Sayed's work showcase the city just as much as the models he uses in each photo. A certain sense of whimsical energy also runs through Sayed's photos, making for a much more engaging image than your standard portrait shot. See what we mean by checking out a sample of Sayed's work below.

To see more, head over to the Sean Sayed § Photography Facebook page.

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