13 Quebec Towns You've Never Heard Of But Must Visit At Least Once

This province has so much to offer.
13 Quebec Towns You've Never Heard Of But Must Visit At Least Once

Most of us living in the big city of Montreal never really feel the need to leave it. We have basically everything we could ever want right here, within no more than a 15 minute metro stop away. If we feel like getting a nice dinner, it's right there. If we feel like getting into nature, we can take a hike up our very own Mont Royal. It's all within our reach without putting in a long road trip to get to.

There's so much to do in the city, but there's so many amazing things that Quebec towns have to offer as well. Below is a list of some amazing towns right here in Quebec, and these places have nothing you can see in the city, I promise you that. If you're looking for a nice getaway from the city to see some amazing nature and unique sights these are definitely for you!

1. Coaticook

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 51 mins

I recently went here with a few of my friends for a fun day trip to get out of the city and it was honestly awesome! We paid $7.50 to hike through the Foresta Lumina, which at night turns into a lit up, enchanted forest. But we went during the day and hiked over their huge suspension bridge, which freaked me out because I'm afraid of heights.

Then we hiked around the park for a few hours! After our hiking extravaganza we went to the famous Coaticook Ice Creamery and got some seriously delicious ice cream. Totally worth the road trip!

2. Tadoussac


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Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 49 minutes

Okay, so chances are you've already heard of the magical place called Tadoussac, but if you haven't I'm here to tell you about all the amazing things about it. It's the prime location for whale watching during their most popular months, May to October. There are whale watching tours here which give you a close up look at the many species of whales that swim through this area! Definitely worth the long drive.

3. Magog

couldn't ask for more.

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 24 minutes

This town is super easy to reach for a day trip outside the city. You can hike up the beautiful Mount Orford Park, which is just as awesome in the fall season as well, or stroll through the vineyards, labyrinths or take a boat tour on the lake! The possibilities are endless here.

4. Wakefield

Moer qui check un couche de soleil bud

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 35 minutes

There's some amazing activities to do in this little town. It's beyond cute and super fun as well. Explore caves, go zip lining and hiking, or if you're going in the winter, take an inner tube and tube down the snowy hills or enjoy a day full of skiing!

5. Chicoutimi

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 46 minutes

This town has some breathtaking nature and there's so many fun ways to explore it! Check out the Saguenay Fjord and you can hike in the nearby forest, kayak through the bright blue waters or enjoy some whale watching in this location as well!

6. Gaspé

Escapade de 2 jours dans la belle région de la Gaspésie, au Québec, voir le Rocher Percé d'aussi près vous faire conscience de la beauté naturelle de cet endroit. @tourismegaspesie . . #gaspésiejetaime #roadtrip2016

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Distance From Montreal: 9 hours 40 minutes

Yes, this one is quite the drive and definitely does not qualify as a day trip activity, but it's so worth it. The most famous attraction is the Percé Rock, a giant rock sitting right in the Gaspé Peninsula! They also have some adorable lighthouses to explore. If you're feeling active, enjoy a nice hike through the Forillon National Park.

7. Sutton

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 23 minutes

The town of Sutton, Quebec is seriously so cute. You can enjoy some of their art galleries and adorable shops in town. Or get out into nature and kayak along the Missiquoi River, or go hiking along the trails! There's also some amazing skiing on Mount Sutton during the winter months.

8. Stanstead

It's a world inspired by nature ? Bleu Lavande #magog #bleulavande #tb

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 41 minutes

This amazing town is located so close to Montreal you have no excuse not to make it out here. You must visit the Bleu Lavande, which is a lavender field full of these beautiful, fragrant flowers! They're just so pretty you won't ever want to leave. The town has other amazing things to offer, but I guarantee you won't be disappointed with this trip.

9. Oka

I don't know what it is but pineapples just have this power to make me so happy!!! Anyone else feel this way?! ??? Thought about you @katgaskin, while we threw these around today! [?: @versepasi]

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Distance From Montreal: 55 minutes

This tropical looking town is less than an hour away from Montreal, who knew? Well, if you didn't now you do. They have an amazing beach here, which will make you feel like you've just be transported to a Caribbean Island. Okay, maybe that's a little exaggerated but if you're looking for a clean, gorgeous, sandy beach super close to Montreal, this is definitely the one!

10. Havre-Aubert

The sun and the sea, what more could you ask for? Thanks to @b_rochette for sharing this memory of his kitesurfing trip to Quebec's Magdalen Islands with us! #ExploreCanada Le soleil et la mer, que demandez de plus? Merci à @b_rochette d’avoir partagé ce souvenir de son voyage de #kitesurf aux Îles de la Madeleine avec nous! #QuebecOriginal #FousDesIles

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Distance From Montreal: 19 hours 12 minutes

Did you know that Quebec has a set of islands, the Magdelen Islands located right off of the coast of PEI? Well, I sure didn't. They are seriously breathtaking as well, and you really should try to make it all the way out here at least once. Once you get here, I'm sure you'll be blown away by the pure beauty and nature of these beachy islands.

11. Rimouski

One of the many glorious sunsets we have had this summer in Rimouski. Glad to see it's not over yet! . #Rimouski #vacancesriki #sunset #sky #nature #sun #beautiful #photooftheday #summer #instagood #landscape #love #travel #clouds #beach #sea #water #beauty #picoftheday #amazing #ocean #pretty #light #outdoors #photo #happy #life #weather #naturelovers

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Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 21 minutes

If you're looking to connect with some nature while you're here, then you should definitely visit Bic National Park for some amazing hiking trails, sea kayaking and amazing wildlife. You can also see the beautiful lighthouses at Pointe-au-Père! Your weekend will be jam packed with activities, but you're guaranteed a fun and gorgeous time while you're there.

12. Kamouraska

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours

Kamouraska is a gorgeous city known for some of the best sunsets in Quebec. They have piers with gorgeous, old lighthouse structures, you'll definitely never want to leave this place! It's also home to some secret waterfalls, perfect for summer swims. So don't forget your bathing suit on this trip! You can also walk down the quaint, Mississipi Road, which is supposed to be one of the most adorable country roads in Quebec!

13. Port-au-Persil

Port-au-Persil sur le long de la route. ?? #roadtrip #quebec #holidays #canada #saintlaurent

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 58 minutes

This town in Quebec is perfect for a nice weekend getaway. You should definitely check out Parc Municipal de la Baie-des-Rochers, a hidden gem for hiking and gorgeous scenery, flowing rivers, and luscious forests. Rent a stunning cottage for the weekend and enjoy your escape from the city for a few days!

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