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Netflix's 13 Reasons Why Just Released A Season 3 Teaser And Fans Are Going Crazy

Officially confirmed today!
Netflix's 13 Reasons Why Just Released A Season 3 Teaser And Fans Are Going Crazy

13 Reasons Why has been polarizing Netflix audiences for a while now. 

Fans of Netflix's hit teen drama series have been very vocal about how important the show is to them, and others in their generation or lives. 

13 Reasons Why's second season was met with mixed responses, just as the first was. 

The second season addresses the aftermath of Hannah Baker's infamous cassette tapes chronicling the 13 reasons why she committed suicide to those who had an impact in her short life - whether good or bad. 

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For a while, many people were pleading with Netflix and show producers to cancel the series because it could be seen as very triggering for youth experiencing similar issues of their own. 

A specific scene at the end of Season 2 was the driving reason for the cancellation, which depicted a very real and very harsh rape scene that had people up in arms. 

However, that is not stopping Netflix or show producers from continuing on with these stories, as they should seeing that 13 Reasons Why puts a focus on real-life issues that start important discussions. 

Though, Season 3 was sort of confirmed in the last few weeks with the announcement that a key character in the series would not be returning for the third run of the show - Hannah Baker is officially not returning for season 3. We've covered her story. 

As of today, Netflix and Paramount (the shows production company) officially announced that Season 3 is, in fact, coming to Netflix streaming service in 2019. 

See the 13 Reasons Why Season 3 announcement:

The video, in true teasing fashion, doesn't really give us much to go off of other than the third season premiering in 2019. 

I can tell you that production is set to continue later this year, with the third season premiere likely to be seen around the same time season 2 hit Netflix this year, which was in March. 

Selena Gomez is returning as an executive producer on the series, with Brian Yorkey returning as the series creator and showrunner. 

It doesn't take a genius to think of where they will take the show in its third season. The finale of season 2 was a lot to take in, and arguably more relevant to today's culture and society with the huge amounts of public school shootings happening all throughout the U.S. 

The cliffhanger ending of season 2 will undoubtedly pick up and answer all the burning questions of what happened to Tyler and Clay, who was left in quite a tough spot at the tail end of the finale. 

Here's hoping that they take this in the right direction, and Tyler gets to see some justice, in one way or another. 

For any fans of 13 Reasons Why who may be experiencing issues of depression, please visit for help finding local resources. 

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