13 Reasons Why Modern Dating In Montreal Makes Me Want To Punch Myself In The Face

We're just in a polyamorous relationship.
13 Reasons Why Modern Dating In Montreal Makes Me Want To Punch Myself In The Face

Dating is not like it used to be. It is much more different than it was when our parents fell in love.

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In Montreal, dating is an abstract concept. Whenever I ask my friends if they're in a relationship with someone the answer is always the same: they're just 'hooking up'.

Call me old school but sometimes I wish dating was like in the movie The Notebook because right now it only makes me want to punch myself and here' why:

1. Being faithful means deleting Tinder

Once you get into a relationship and want to be exclusive, it means you have to stop looking for a new potential lover. And for some people, deleting Tinder from their phones is a sign of true love.

2.  You finally understand the Six degrees of separation theory

When you meet someone in Montreal, they probably dated like 6 of your friends already. Montreal is such a small world when it comes to dating.

3. Your Bae is more like the Biggest Asshole Ever

He truly loves you and really cares about you. He even makes you feel like you're the only girl in the world. Unfortunately, he does the same to the five other girls he's also dating .#fuckboy

4. Some people don't understand the difference between 'romantic' and 'creepy'

With dating apps like happen, it becomes really easy to find out where you live and get all your personal information... It is not a coincidence that you always bump into the same guy at the entrance of the metro.

5. Now you believe in ghosts

Ghosting someone is pretty common. Since people don't want to deal with telling the other person how they feel, instead, they will just stop every form of contact with you. Leaving you wondering what you did wrong. It actually sucks because while you're waiting for an answer,he's probably already hooking up with someone new at Tokyo Bar.

6. You get invited to do something last minute

The 'Fear Of Missing Out' is real. Montreal always has something new to do, so it might become difficult for that special someone to choose between going on a date with you or going to that insane party everyone's talking about. They don't want to miss out an adventure because they spent their time with you, so instead they'll ask you to do something if their plans got canceled. Basically, you're just a second choice.

 7. 'Netflix n Chill'

Do I really need to explain this one?

8. You don't know when it's exclusive

For most Montrealers, it's often taboo to talk about your relationship status because we have a phobia of commitment. We want a "label-free" relationship, so that way we can act like we're a couple but at the same time, be free to do whatever we want without "technically" cheating on the other person.

9. Phone calls don't exist anymore

You'll get cute texts with a lot of heart emojis but it isn't the same when someone tells you how they feel in person. If I wanted to date a robot, I'd just go and buy one. Also, you're probably blocking St-Catherine's street just to text him back.

10. You need a third-wheel

Since you started to 'hang out' with your new boy a few days ago and don't have much to talk about, your best-friend is the solution to everything. You invite her to your hang out with the both of you so she will help you avoid the awkward silences. It might be nice to be reassured by your friend but it actually sucks for your friend, who then becomes the third wheel when the chemistry between you and your babe starts to develop.

11. People will date you for the wrong reasons.

For many reasons, some people are scared to be alone so they seek a partner to ease the emptiness inside them. Never date someone because you need to, if you look around you, Montreal has plenty of activities that you can enjoy while being single.

12. People will judge you based on the way you look

Instead of getting to know you, they'll just stalk your facebook page and judge you by the pictures on your profile. Maybe you're an awesome person but they'll never know because they didn't bother to truly get to know you from the inside. I once read a quote from Andy Warhol that we should all learn from: "People should fall in love with their eyes closed."

13. You forget to live in the moment

Whenever I go to the restaurant, I see a lot of couples texting instead of talking to each other and it goes like this for like an hour. We often take people for granted and we shouldn't because we never know when it will be the last time we'll see them. Trust me, it really sucks when you want to spend some quality time with someone but they prefer to have a relationship with their phone.

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