13 Reasons Why You Need A French Canadian Girlfriend In Your Life

Parce qu'on est les meilleures blondes du monde.
13 Reasons Why You Need A French Canadian Girlfriend In Your Life

I read Rebecca's article earlier about the ridiculous things that Americans think about Canadians and I didn't recognize myself at all. When I'm traveling, I'm very proud to say that I am a Montrealer! Usually, people immediately understand that I am a FRENCH Canadian (difficile de cacher mon magnifique accent).

It seems to me that Quebec girls have a somewhat questionable reputation overseas. People think that we are way more ''trash'' than the French girls, and way more outgoing and funny than the Canadian girls.

I think that our distinct culture makes us the best girlfriends in the world, and I'm sure that every guy who's lucky enough to have a Québécoise in his life will approve of this. Here are 13 reasons why we're totally the best!

1. We don’t pull bitch fits if our bf goes out with his friends, because we were the one planning a girls night out in the first place.

2. When he takes a beer in the middle of the day, we open a bottle of wine.

3. We love to cook delicious comfort food and don’t mind eating as much as our boyfriends.

4. We are not scared to speak our minds when something does not suit us in the relationship.

5. We don’t mind splitting the bill, because we are not the ‘’high maintenance’’ kind of girls. At all.

6. We are not scared to live life to its fullest. We love to learn from our bad decisions and to travel with almost no clothes.

7. We are passionate people willing to try new things in bed.

8. Our family dinners are amazing ? ? ?.

9. We have self-confidence and we are very outgoing.

10. We get along very well with ses chums de gars.

11. We do not judge our s/o's drinking habits, because we know that he will hold our hair next time we go a little crazy.

12. We love Les Canadiens as much as him.

13. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we prefer to laugh rather than cry about shitty life situations.