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13 Things Near Montreal You And Your BFFs Should Treat Yourselves To For Under $50

Since you and your BFF are probably need some down time after all the work you've been doing this summer, I have composed a list of things outside of Montreal for you guys to do! You might be fed up of Montreal so, I suggest exploring the rest of Quebec with your BFF! Yes it’s nice to do somethings alone, but let’s be honest it’s always better when you do it with your BFF. It's time for you guys to relax this summer and chill the f out.

It’s time for some deep convos with your BFF as you treat yourselves for under 100$ in Quebec. I promise you that you will love yourselves 100 times more after you treat yourselves to some well deserved TLC. So sit back, relax, and enjoy summer '16.

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1. Treat Yourselves At Spa Le Finlandais

A photo posted by Jasmine (@jasmini04) on

124 Boul Labelle, Rosemère, Laval

Price: $39 each from 10 am - 6 pm

For a perfect Spa day out of Montreal, I strongly recommend checking out Spa Le Finlandais. They water circuit is absolutely amazing! They have 6 different saunas including a Russian sauna and Hammam, they also have 4 baths including arctic and thermal, and even a bubble experience! This is a great way to relax and catch up with your BFF while treating yourselves.


2. Treat Yourselves To Patisserie Mr Puffs Pastry

A photo posted by Mr. Puffs (@mrpuffspastry) on

4879 Boul Notre-Dame, Laval

Price: $10-15 split

I mean food is awesome so why not enjoy little balls of doughy goodness! Just out of Montreal in Laval is Mr Puffs Pastry where you and your BFF can treat your sweet tooth. They are honestly absolutely delicious and you guys have to try it!


3. Treat Yourselves To A Poutine From Restaurant Labelle – Lachute

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384 Rue Principale, Lachute

Price:$10-15 each

You and our BFF can always treat yourselves to delicious poutines in Montreal but you guys should definitely road trip to Restaurant Labelle for spectacular poutines! This restaurant will serve you and your BFF the best poutines in town that you must treat yourselves to this summer.


4. Treat Yourselves At Laiterie De Coaticook Ltée For Delightful Ice Cream

A photo posted by Annaliese (@banannaliese1) on

1000 Rue Child, Coaticook

Price:$5-10 each

For that perfect summer treat, I suggest heading down to Coaticook QC one day with your BFF for colorful and delightful ice cream. Their ice cream is amazing and it's the perfect way to cool down and treat your and your BFF. This is fun for everyone!


5. Treat Yourselves To A Relaxing Swim At The Grotto In Mulgrave-et-Derry

A photo posted by Jessica Flynn (@indienneurbaine) on

Wallingford-Back Mine

Price: Free (gas $)

For a quick and easy two hour drive, you and your friends should swim over to the grotto in Quebec. This grotto is also known as the Wallingford-Back Mine and it is completely safe for you to visit. It is absolutely stunning and it is a perfect place for you and you BFF to chill, eat, and swim! You can go swimming, hiking, and cliff diving in it’s majestic blue waters. It is refreshing a truly a great time for you and your BFF

6. Treat Yourselves To A Free Camping Trip In Halte Municipale de la Sarre

A photo posted by Karel Hunter ॐ (@karelhunt) on

Price: Free (gas $)

Why not go camping with your BFF this summer and treat yourselves to some good old Mother Nature. You can enjoy campfires, picnics, and stargazing all day and night!


  • Drinking Water
  • Dump Station
  • Horse Corral
  • Picnic Tables

Click here for more info.

7. Treat Yourselves To A beach Day In The Gulf of Saint Lawrence At Ile de la Madeleine

A photo posted by Explore Canada (@explorecanada) on

Archipelago in Québec

Price: Free (gas $)

Quebec’s Iles-de-la-Madeleine is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Several small islands make up this area, so there are numerous amounts of beaches for you to explore! This is truly a spectacular location to spend a beachy summer with your BFF. It's always nice to treat yourselves to a beach day but why not explore Quebec at the same time and try something new! I honestly can’t believe that this is located in Quebec.

8. Treat Yourselves To Whale Watching In The Saguenay Fjord

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Saguenay Fjord, QC

Price: $48.00 each

Instead of watching whales on Netflix, you and your BFF should plan a whale watching trip In Quebec! I recommend looking into kayaking with the belugas in the Saguenay Fjord for that rush of adrenaline with your BFF this summer. It is honestly breathtaking and honestly, not many people can say that they went swimming with wild belugas!


9. Treat Yourselves To Wine And Cheese Tasting In Quebec

A photo posted by @sherrainerain on

Price: $100 each

Length: 1 day

For that nice wine and cheese tasting, you and your BFF definitely need to go wine tasting right here in Montreal. Wine and cheese tasting is the perfect way to spend your summer days and relax while treating yourselves. This is truly super fun and not too expensive.

More info

10. Treat Yourselves To A Superb Brunch At Au Festin De Babette

A photo posted by ?dreamcatcheuse (@the_dreamcatcheuse) on

4085 Rue Saint Denis

Price: $15-20 each

This cute little brunch stand is a great coffee shop where they served sandwiches, brunches, savory or sweet meals pancakes, pastries and the best coffee! This is a great way to splurge on yourselves while enjoying great food and each others company.


11. Treat Yourselves To The Floating Boat Café

A photo posted by Canal Lounge (@canallounge) on

The Canal near Atwater Avenue

Price $10-15 each

Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant is drop dead gorgeous! It is free entry and you can sit on the boat for as long as you please. The food is delicious and they just opened so it’s pretty bumping. I strongly suggest checking them out after a nice walk in Atwater market with your BFF this summer. This is honestly a great way to relax and enjoy Montreal.


12. Treat Yourselves To Visit Montmorency Falls Park

A photo posted by Angie & Nick ? (@deptulas_sojourns) on

5300 Boulevard Sainte-Anne, Ville de Québec

Price: Free (gas$)

Why not treat you and your BFF to a cute road trip while enjoying stunning waterfalls! This is a great way to hike all your stress away and then relax with your BFF and enjoy the view. This is fun for those adventurous BFFS out there who want to spend some quality time together.

13. Treat Yourselves To A Lavender Picnic In Quebec

A photo posted by CANADIAN PHOTOS (@pocket_canada) on

891, Narrow Road (Road 247), QC

Price: BOUTIQUE & FREE TOURS June 25th until August 14th 2016 Everyday from 10 am to 7 pm

You and your BFF have to visit Blue Lavande in Quebec so that you can enjoy a picnic in a lavander field. It is absolutely stunning and it's a great place to relax, take pictures, and enjoy summer with your BFF.


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