13 Things The MUHC Should Have Spent $4 Million On Instead Of Art

Wifi and emergency alarms are kind of important.
13 Things The MUHC Should Have Spent $4 Million On Instead Of Art

According to Journal de Montreal, the new super hospital had a budget of $4.3 million allocated for works of art. Now, I love art as much as the next person, and it's always great to make scary places like a hospital be as welcoming as they can be. But when a hospital has had as many problems as this one has, it's seems straight up ridiculous to be spending that much on art.

Here are 13 things that the $4.3 million could have been better spent on:

1. Having proper sewage drainage so that it doesn't back up and pool in patient's rooms

2. Use it on the salary of a cast technician so that there's at least one working at all times and you don't have to send a 5-year-old girl home with broken arms

3. Hiring more nurses so that the there isn't a staff shortage

4. Getting ceilings that don't leak

5. Having wiring in the operating rooms that isn't faulty

6. Building counters that are the proper height for a hospital

7. Emergency room doors that open properly

8. Installing Wi-fi that actually works

9. Proper water to operate their dialysis machines

10. And more dialysis machines since they just had one for the entire ICU

11. Installing floors that aren't slippery

12. Having emergency call bells that are loud enough

13. Having private areas of the ER where patients can discuss their medical history