13 Types Of Professors You’re Guaranteed To Have At McGill University

Photo cred - McGill News

Throughout your McGill career you'll go through tons of different types of profs. You'll absolutely love some, you'll gut-wrenchingly hate others, and some will leave no impression on you whatsoever. No matter the outcome, at the end of your years here everyone can sympathize with one another over having experienced a certain type of prof.

1. The technologically inept prof

Trying to get the powerpoint to work or a video to play is the most painfully slow experience in the world, and lord help us if they even try to attempt a clicker question.

2. The over-sharer

They take class as an opportunity to tell you every detail of their life. Bonus points go to the ones that show pictures of their family and give you their home phone numbers.

3. The ancient expert

They’ve been teaching the class forever and have it down to an exact science. The best is when they don’t realize copies of their exams have been circulating online for years.

4. The not-technically-a-prof prof

The profs that are still masters or PhD students can go one of two ways: they’ll sympathize with you and try to make their class actually helpful and enjoyable or they go on a bit of a power trip and make the class a living hell.

 5. The questionably offensive prof

Tenure is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Half of the comments they make have you thinking “are they even allowed to be saying this?” especially when their digs are directed right at McGill.

6. The aspiring comedian

Most of the time no one understands the jokes that they’re making, but these profs take their classes as an opportunity to workshop their course-related-humour. While it can lead to some serious second-hand embarrassment, it’ll at least keep you entertained for the hour.

7. The “I don’t want to be here but I need the research money” prof

You can usually tell which profs these are if they have a minimal amount of exams, and they’re probably all multiple choice. Also, only the TA’s have office hours, because you need to make an appointment if you want to take up any more of the prof’s time.

8. The trying to stay cool prof

They fill their lectures with pop-culture references in an attempt to keep your interest, and sometimes will even play student music requests at the beginning of class.

9. The prof you just want to give a hug

Some profs are just so damn adorable that all you want to do is give them a hug. They’re usually the ones that try really hard to make their class fun and actually like what they’re teaching.

10. The “are you even speaking english?” prof

Their accent is so thick that you might as well be in a foreign country, since you have about the same chances of understanding their english as you would any other language.

11. The nap-inducing prof

Clearly no one taught them that a little inflection in their voice would make what they’re saying more interesting, so the monotony of it all just puts you right to sleep.

12. The “I didn’t teach this but, surprise, it’s on the exam” prof

These are one of the worst kinds of prof. They’re also usually fans of including tiny details that were a mere footnote in the textbook and having an excessive amount of options on multiple choice questions.

13. The prof with no concept of time

Just because class ended at 4:25 doesn’t mean they’re going to stop talking at 4:25. Be prepared to hang in there a little while longer.

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