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13 Easy Montreal Jobs You Can Get Hired For Right Now On Craigslist

Easy ways to make money.
13 Easy Montreal Jobs You Can Get Hired For Right Now On Craigslist

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After several odd-job offers were brought to our attention, we quickly realized that Montreal has no shortage of weird ways to make money that don't involve working a regular 9 to 5 job. Some of these jobs pay pretty well too, you just have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone a little. Here's a list of the 13 most unusual jobs offers we could find.

1. McGill Psycho-stimulant Study

You can imagine our excitement when we read about McGill offering to pay you to take amphetamines, but sadly it turns out they're talking about dextro-amphetamines, which is a drug used to cure ADHD and insomnia. The study will compensate you for your time and "inconveniences" which is probably referring to a bunch of terrible side effects you'll experience after taking the drug. Original Ad.

2. Magician's Assistant

The Montreal chapter of the The International Brotherhood of Magicians (Wait ... this exists?) are looking for new assistants. So if you're good at holding rabbits, smiling profusely and wearing horrible outfits, then this job is perfect for you. There is one requirement though, you have to fit in the box. Original Ad.

3. $300 To Get High

Do you like smoking weed? Do you have a face? Well then your job search has ended. This photographer will actually pay you to smoke weed while he takes pictures of you. Original Ad.

4. Get Paid To Play Video Games

If you sign up to this Game company's mailing service, they will invite you to participate in online game battles and pay you for each "research session." Original Ad.

5. Maid / Masseuse

If you've ever been intrigued by the world of housekeeping but thought to yourself: "This is great, but I really wish I could take a break from all this cleaning to massage some guy" Search no more, here's the world's first Maid / Masseuse job. The guy who posted the job listing gets extra points for having life all figured out. Original Ad.

6. Spit In A Cup For $50

Okay so you also have to fill out a survey. But you're reading this article right now, so you obviously have some time to spare. Original Ad.

7. Get Paid To Fill Out Surveys

If you can't look at a survey without thinking to yourself: "I'm gonna answer the living shit out of this survey" then we have have found the perfect match for you. wants to pay you for your opinions, so get off your ass and go give it to them. Original Ad.

8. Teaching Old People How To Use Windows 8

We've all had to help out our parent with technology at least once. Figuring out why they're internet won't work (have you tried turning it off and back on?) Removing viruses and then being blamed for every problem the computer has from that point on. Well now you can earn money doing this, that way you can flip out on a stranger instead of your parents. Original Ad.

9. Lingerie Maid

Doing housework is hard and often sweaty work. If only there was a way you can do housework without having to put actual clothes on. Luckily this company has thought of everything and will pay you to clean people's homes while wearing lingerie. It's a win-win situation. Original Ad.

10. 35$ To Massage Your Feet

You read that right, you're not being hired to GIVE a foot massage, you're being hired to GET a foot massage. This sad, sad man is offering you 35$ to let him massage your feet while you watch a money. Easy money right? Original Ad.

11. A Friend To Watch Porn With

Okay so we're not actually sure if this man is offering any compensation and frankly we're too afraid to ask. But if you're daring enough, you may be the lucky individual who gets paid to watch porn. This poor lonely soul just wants a friend to watch porn and go to peep shows with him, and he has his eye on you (yes, you) so don't let him down. Original Ad.

12. 100$ In 5 Minutes

If you have limbs and can walk, then you just earned yourself 100$. Just thrown on a bodysuit to help this student with his presentation and you're all set. (He must really want that A) Original Ad.

13. 75$ To Drink Soda

Taste a soda - see if it sucks - and just like that - you made 75 bucks. (drops the mic) If you're lucky enough to have a palate so refined it can detect the subtle flavors in soft drinks, then this soda company wants you. Hopefully you'll be testing the diet line. Original Ad.

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