13 Ways Canada Will Change If Kevin O'Leary Becomes "King Of Canada" A.K.A. Prime Minister

We've done a couple of articles about Kevin O'Leary already, but those were mostly about what he's done in the past.

You already know he was on Dragon's Den, but how much do you know about his political views?

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This article is about the future that may be in store for us if Kevin O'Leary actually became prime minister.

Mr. Wonderful did an AMA on reddit, which is basically a comment thread where people can ask pretty much whatever they want, and although Mr. O'leary dodged a few questions, he did answer a lot good ones.

"Ill-founded and abusive" is how superior court judge Michèle Monast described a Quebec woman's defamation lawsuit against Justin Trudeau. In a decision published on November 29, Monast shot down Diane Blain's case against the prime minister.

The lawsuit followed a 2018 incident at a Liberal party rally in Sainte-Anne-de-Sabrevois, Quebec, in which Blain asked Trudeau when he would "give back the 146 million [Quebec] paid" to support what she called Trudeau's "illegal immigrants."

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He’s young, charismatic, popular across age demographics, and he’s vying for the Prime Minister position during the next Canadian federal election. 

No, not Justin Trudeau. We’re talking about the next-in-line to be PM, Jagmeet Singh, who is poised to dethrone Trudeau. 

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Trudeau may be super photogenic, but when it comes to being the leader of the nation, he isn't always all that competent. 

Sure, Trudeau may be great for Canada's international PR, it's just that when it comes to things here at home the Prime Minister doesn't measure up. 

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Oh Justin Trudeau, you can do no wrong in the eyes of so many Canadians.

That is, until you start spending taxpayer dollars on luxurious vacations to the Bahamas, because there’s no doubt us lowly, average Canadians are going to be miffed about that. 

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