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13 Ways To Really Annoy A Montrealer

Just don't.
13 Ways To Really Annoy A Montrealer

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While the stereotype of Montrealers being cold and rude might be a bit exaggerated, there are a few things that you certainly can do to guarantee they’ll be annoyed with you.

Diss the Habs

Possibly the easiest way to annoy a Montrealer. The Habs are one of Montreal’s pride and joys and the people here are die hard fans. Argue with them at your own risk.

Saying NYC bagels are better

This just isn’t true, and we all know it.

Walk too wide on the sidewalk 

Most Montreal sidewalks aren’t that big to begin with, so when people decide to leisurely stroll down them, side by side, blocking the whole thing, it can really ruin your commute.

Photo Cred - Mouth Noisey

Bring up separatism

No conversation with a Montrealer about separatism is going to end without them being annoyed, whether it’s at you or at someone else.

Refusing to try poutine

Poutine is a Montreal staple, and a point of pride for many people in the city. So when someone turns their nose up at it, you start to reevaluate everything you ever thought about them.

Not even attempt French

Chances are when you’re out and about in Montreal you’re going to have to actually interact with other human beings - particularly ones that speak French. Even if you don’t understand any of it, not even attempting a simple “bonjour” or “merci” can become a bit annoying for the multitude of Francophones.

Saying Toronto is the better city

We get it, Toronto is pretty cool. But for Montrealers, it will never be better than our city.

Be an obnoxious frosher

Frosh week can be a pretty big nuisance for Montrealers, and you can’t really blame them, especially if you’re one of the many froshers that’s chanting, yelling, and stumbling through the streets at 2am.

Photo Cred - Montreal Gazette

Pay with change on the bus

Everyone’s experienced it: you’re in line to get on the bus and the person in front of you pulls out a whole pile of quarters to pay their fare, fumbling with them the whole time. Sure, it may only add an extra 30 seconds to your trip, but it feels like the worst 30 seconds of your life.

Tell them to stop smoking

Smoking is part of this city’s culture, and telling a Montrealer to stop is going to do little besides probably make them stop wanting to hang out with you.

Remind them that the “tip is not included”

From my experience, Montreal is one of the only cities where the bartenders constantly and shamelessly remind you that the tip is not included in the price of your drink.

Give them a jaywalking ticket

Jaywalking is a way of life in Montreal, so being handed a hefty ticket for it can be a bit annoying to say the least.

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