14 All-New Montreal Restaurants You Need To Check Out With Your Friends ASAP

So you can go on a fall food adventure.
14 All-New Montreal Restaurants You Need To Check Out With Your Friends ASAP

In Montreal, new restaurants pop up all the time. Which is a good thing, because variety is the legit spice of life.

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If you're a bit worried about how to navigate the new restaurants in Montreal this fall, then no worries. That's exactly what I'm here for, friends.

1. DoughNats

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If fresh donuts are your life/your bae/your everything, like they are for me, then have I got some awesome news for you. Very soon, Montreal will be blessed with a brand new fresh donut shop, serving up tasty flavours like "Snap Crackle Pop", with marshmallow icing and Rice Krispie chunks.


2. The Halal Guys

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1448 Rue Mackay

New York's super famous Halal Guys is finally in Montreal, and trust me, it's delicious. It's located right in front of Concordia University, so if you and your friends need an awesome new place to eat/study/chill near the downtown campus, stop the search. You've found your new spot.


3. Emiliano's

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260 Rue Notre-Dame O

A relatively new fine dining Mexican restaurant situated in Old Montreal, there's nothing Emiliano's does that's not totally and completely on point. From their drinks (ft. lots of tequila) to their fine Mexican cuisine (tortilla lasagne, anyone?), Emiliano's is one of the most perfect spots to grab your friends and discover.


4. SeaSalt & Ceviche Bar

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351 Place Royale

To be totally honest, I don't know what's to love the most about this place. Is it the adorable decor? Is it the super chill and fun vibe? Is it the super chill menu, featuring lobster rolls and ceviche? Well, TBH, it's definitely a combination of all three that makes this one of the most prime spots to check out with your friends. Also, bonus points for the summery vibe - the perfect remedy for those early fall blues.


5. Cafe Bonita

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7 Avenue Viger O

A brand new Cuban cafe in Montreal's Chinatown, Cafe Bonita serves up authentic Cuban coffee (including Café Bombón!) and pastries. Plus, its adorable turquoise exterior wall makes it the perfect spot to make all your aesthetic Instagram dreams come true.


6. Jumak

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5335 Chemin Queen Mary

When inexpensive dishes and tasty cuisine meets, there's honestly no better recipe for awesomeness. And this NDG Korean spot has got those two elements down pat. Featuring wholesome and delicious Korean food for super inexpensive prices, this is certain to satisfy your craving for awesome food and fresh spots. Grab your friends and make a night of it; and, as always, thank me later.


7. Liv Salades

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5350 Boul St-Laurent

Fresh, gourmet salads are huge right now, and Liv is one of the newest spots in the Plateau to do gourmet salads right. They offer a huge variety of fresh and tasty salads (such as their Big-C, with black truffle caesar dressing and croutons made from Fairmount bagels), infused water made on the daily, a super chill atmosphere, and much, much more.


8. Otto Yakitori Izakaya

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1441 Rue Saint Mathieu

If you're a fan of good food, good drinks, and good vibes, then this downtown Montreal spot is for you. An izakaya - which basically means a spot where you're going to have the best time of your life - located downtown, Otto specializes in Japanese grilled yakitori, but also does other Japense pub food exquisitely.


9. Campo

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1108 Maisonneuve Blvd W

Tow words: Portuguese chicken. Okay, in case you need a little more context than that: Campo is a brand new spot in downtown Montreal, serving up deliciously charred and flavoured Portuguese chicken, chicken wings, poutine, and everything delicious under the sun, basically. Bonus points for its super casual and awesome atmosphere, perfect for discovering with your friends.


10. Le Super Qualite

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1211 Rue Bélanger

Indian food is awesome, but do you know what's just a touch more awesome? Indian snacks. And this Villeray Indian snack bar specializes in Indian snack food and drinks, all for super inexpensive, and served up in a super trendy, intimate, adorable space.


11. Cadet

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1431 Boul St-Laurent

The owners of Bouillion Bilk have banded together to bring us their signature delicious food, but in a whole different setting. Super casual, welcoming, friendly, and, in a word, amazing, Cadet serves up high quality food in an awesome setting, making it a fantastic spot to check out with your friends this autumn.


12. Le Diplomat

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129 Rue Beaubien O

Seriously, friends, if you're looking to explore a brand new eatery in Montreal this fall - well, you should get yourself to Le Diplomat. Featuring seriously unique twists on classic dishes (like calamari made with coconut milk or labneh snow crab), and a friendly yet refined dining atmosphere, Le Diplomat is totally the place to check out this fall.


13. Caifan

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67 Rue Beaubien E

A brand new taco spot very soon to be open right in Montreal's Little Italy, Caifan will serve up authentic tacos (yass), drinks, and more, all in a super eclectic and fun setting. Perfect place to check out on Taco Tuesday with your BFFs? Quite possibly!


14. La Habanera

A photo posted by Eva Wang (@eatwitheva) on

1448 Rue Mackay

This uber popular spot hasn't been open for a very long time, but it's already making a huge splash. Mainly due to the fact that it serves up awesome food, and awesome mojitos, in a super chique setting - but Habanera also has an awesome Cuban vibe, which is perfect for those days when you just miss those awesome days of summer.


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