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14 Best Cheap Eats On Montreal's Boulevard Saint-Laurent

You can save money and explore the Main.
14 Best Cheap Eats On Montreal's Boulevard Saint-Laurent

At this stage in the game, I don't think I need to tell you guys that food is pretty much my life. Eating out is just a part of my routine at this point, and discovering new and awesome places to nosh is kind of in my blood.

Which can get kind of expensive, if I'm being honest. Luckily, being a restaurant lover also means that I know how to hunt for some pretty inexpensive food deals. Munching on good food doesn't always mean shelling out all kinds of money; in Montreal, there are tons of places where you can eat amazing food for even under $20.

This is especially true for Montreal's Boulevard Saint Laurent, the beloved boulevard known as the Main. Don't believe me? Well, guys, prepare to believe.

1. Nudo

A photo posted by Marie-Pier Lambert (@mariepierlambert) on

1055 Boul St-Laurent

Real talk, Nudo is one of my favourite spots in Chinatown. They specialize in serving up fresh noodles in either wet or dry dishes (including a seriously tasty version of peanut butter noodles) - all of which run within the $10 range. So, friends who are fans of fresh food and tasty dishes, prepare to have your whole dining scene changed.


2. Porchetta

A photo posted by Mtl_Flavours (@mtl_flavours) on

6887 Boul St-Laurent

I remember having porchetta sandwiches all the time when I was a kid (especially at weddings), and if that slow-roasted, flavourful pork is as nostalgic to you as it is to me, then you're going to love Little Italy's Porchetta. If you've never tried this delacacy, though, then no worries. For less than $10, you can secure yourself a tasty porchetta sandwich, and prepare to fall in love.


3. Le Cagibi

A photo posted by Foodie4theBooty (@foodie4thebooty) on

5490 Boul St-Laurent

Vegetarian food lovers, rejoice. Le Cagibi is known for carrying some seriously delicious, seriously fresh vegetarian dishes, like veggie chili, tofu scrambles, and breakfast burritos - all of which is served up for under $10.


4. Cafe Veritas

A photo posted by Thaina Rithelle (@thaa_rithelle) on

480 Boul St-Laurent

Good news, breakfast lovers. Cafe Veritas is a healthy cafe, and serves up things like sandwiches, salads, and, yes, even super healthy breakfasts. Although that's pretty amazing in and of itself, the super affordable prices (think less than $15 for breakfast) propel this place onto a whole other level.


5. Braseiro

A photo posted by Alivin Canada Inc (@alivininc) on

1055 Boul St-Laurent

Some of the best Portuguese food I've ever tried also happens to have some of the most affordable prices out there. One of their sandwiches, complete with salad and fries, for example, won't even begin to break the bank, meaning you can enjoy awesome Portuguese food without going broke.

6. Pitarifique

A photo posted by @karinaannspring on

1055 Boul St-Laurent

This Plateau restaurant has everything you could ever want, all for super inexpensive. Craving hamburgers? They got you. Craving poutine? They got you. Craving food without having to throw off your budget? They definitely got you, friends.


7. Makoto

A photo posted by Justine Roy-Benard ? (@justinebenard) on

1055 Boul St-Laurent

Who here loves bento boxes? Everyone? Great, because bento boxes are highkey awesome, and this Japanese restaurant happens to serve up some seriously awesome bento boxes for cheap. Other inexpensive selections on their menu include their chicken karaage, spicy pork soup, and makoto katsu dishes, all of which will put you out less than $15.


8. Jardin Du Cari

A photo posted by Audrey Ejdelman (@audreyshmaudrey) on

1055 Boul St-Laurent

True say, the roti here is so amazing it might bring actual tears to your eyes. It's okay, though. No one will judge you for those happiness tears. One taste of these deliciously seasoned delights (especially with their signature tasty pumpkin added into the mix), and people will understand exactly what you're going through.

9. HarBin Dumpling

A photo posted by Genevieve Bernier (@gegeburnz) on

1055 Boul St-Laurent

Dumpling lovers, this one's for you. HarBin offers a wide array of traditional Chinese soup dumplings, either steamed, boiled, or fried, all for well under the $15 mark. If you're down to add an appetizer to the mix, try their dry sausage. It's got a super unique flavour, and for $5, it's practically a steal.


10. Nouilles De Lan Zhou

A photo posted by @elsa.rosario on

1055 Boul St-Laurent

A tiny, cozy restaurant situated in Montreal's Chinatown, Nouilles De Lan Zhou secializes in one thing: Lan Zhou type noodles. They've got hot and cold noodle options available for you to choose from, and a few other menu items, but the star of the show here is clearly the homemade and tasty Lan Zhou noodle. Prices generally tend to run for under $15, so you can fill up your stomach without emptying your wallet.

11. Omnivore

A photo posted by Na'eem Adam (@naeem.adam) on

4351 Boul St-Laurent

Focusing on fresh and tasty foods, with an emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine, a meal at Omnivore will leave you feeling satisfied, refreshed, and rich AF. Why? Because most dishes here are well under $20, with their Carnivore (featuring beef, chicken, lentil and rice) dish coming up at only $15.


12. Patati Patata

A photo posted by Allie Jacobs (@alliejacobs_) on

4177 Boul St-Laurent

This classic poutine joint is situated in Montreal's Plateau, and is pretty famous in the city. Mainly because their poutines were taken from the poutine heavens themselves, I'm convinced. A regular poutine, served up with a signature olive on top, won't cost you more than roughly $10.

13. Montreal Pool Room

A photo posted by Cassady (@cassadymtl) on

1217 Boul St-Laurent

A classic Montreal institution, there's no way you can be in Montreal for any amount of time and not nosh on one of the signature hot dogs and/or poutines at this casse-croute. Best part? A very hearty meal here absolutely won't run you up more than $15.

14. Fortune

A photo posted by sands_n (@sands_n) on

6448 Boul St-Laurent

This taco spot is known for their above and beyond awesome Mexican fare, including beer chicken tacos and shrimp and "grits" plate. Dishes will cost you a max of about $12, with most things costing less than $10 - and all tacos under the $6 mark.


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