Tips To Get Fit Now Before Summer 2015

Montreal's going to look HAWT.
Tips To Get Fit Now Before Summer 2015

The Internet is filled with tons of information when it comes to achieving adequate fat loss, some faulty, but most true. However, I have decided to break it down into the simplest way possible for those who want to achieve optimal results. This is merely a guideline to help you successfully lose those extra winter pounds you dread so much.

Here are some tips to get fit for this summer, but you got to start NOW! See below:

1. Wake up early

Wake up early and do your workout prior to starting your day. This achieves two things; the first it helps burn more fat and continues burning fat throughout the day, and the second it helps wake you up.

2. Always eat before the gym.

You never want to workout on an empty stomach because; 1. You want to keep as much muscle as you have. 2. You don’t want your cortisol to rise to unreasonable heights (as they will stay elevated throughout the day).

3. Eat Smaller Portions

You should be eating smaller portioned meals throughout the day. Each meal should contain Proteins, Carbs, and Fats. Your body starts to fall below your insulin threshold after 3 hours – so if you fail to eat after that time frame, you’ll fall into ‘starvation’ mode and your body will start retaining fat.

4. Eat After You Workout

You should always eat immediately after a workout- this will help with muscle recovery, fat loss, and repairing muscle fibres (restoring glycogen).

5. You must always eat breakfast.

An example: 2 eggs, oats with fruit. It helps kick start your metabolism in the morning and helps you burn more calories throughout the day.

6. Gain A Healthy Metabolism

People often think that in order to lose weight you must cut calories, lose weight, and gain a healthy metabolism to keep it off. WRONG. It actually works the opposite way; you must first gain a healthy metabolism, then slowly cut calories, then lose weight.

7. Avoid consuming alcohol.

The barrier with this is that alcohol has too many uncounted calories and makes it difficult to calculate. It also halts the fat burning storage and is extremely high on the glycemic index especially when mixed with juices and pop.

8. Eat Enough Every Day

Contrary to popular belief, you will not gain weight if you eat before bed. If you are calorie deficient for the day, your body will not turn that food into fat.

9. Drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated will make you feel fuller longer and you'll eat less at every meal.

10. Avoid fruit after noon.

You want the excess energy in your body to fall as the day proceeds so your body can use up stored energy.

11. Sleep 8 hours.

Anything less than 6 hours is horrid and I don’t know how you live. But seriously, sleep is just as important as eating and drinking water. People will die from lack of sleep before lack of food (not to sound overly dramatic).

12. Eat tons of vegetables

Try to eat as many vegetables and complex carbohydrates as you can. Avoid refined carbs at all costs, with the exception of 'cheat days'.

13. Decrease dairy and gluten consumption.

Most people have a mild allergic reaction to dairy and those symptoms are usually looking ‘soft’ or bloated. Dairy and gluten also slow down the metabolism, as they take a little longer to digest. Not necessary to completely eliminate obviously. Everything is moderation. However, less is better.

14. Stay consistent

Take your diet seriously for 5 days then on every 6th or 7th day, TREAT YO’ SELF.

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