14 Classy Things You Can Do For A Bachelorette Party In Montreal

Minimal amount of dicks involved.
14 Classy Things You Can Do For A Bachelorette Party In Montreal

The Typical Bachelorette weekend involves well... we all know... Dicks. But common girls, let's try to keep it classy and not trashy. I was inspired to write this article when I found out that my cousin from New York was doing her bachelorette weekend here in Montreal. My two aunts are also coming and we wanted to keep it classy. I mean like how awkward is it to see a bunch of dicks with your 40 plus year old aunts.

Since it's wedding season, enjoy Montreal in a classy way with wine and champaign instead of dicks and shots. I guarantee that this list of events won't disappoint. They may seem unconventional but they are for sure a good time.

So grab your wedding party and head down to Montreal for a crazy memorable time with your closest friends. Leave the dicks at home and bring those tea cups for your fancy weekend.

1. Spa Bota Bota

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Instead of bringing your bride to a raunchy stripe club, bring them to Spa Bota Bota to relax! She is for sure very stressed with planning the wedding that will be occurring within the next few weeks, so a spa is the perfect getaway! I strongly recommend Bota Bota since it is in the heart of Old Montreal and there is easy access to it.

Not only is it a place to relax but also a great place to enjoy the scenery of Montreal! The relaxing ambiance and view of Old Montreal is a perfect mix for a perfect bachlorette weekend. All ages will enjoy Bota Bota from your bachlorette's mom to her younger cousin.

Bota Bota offers multiple saunas and hot baths. Maybe treat your bride to a nice private massage and a little snack on the water. After Bota Bota the bride's team will feel brand new and ready for that classy party.


2. Boaty Brunch

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Bring the whole bridal party out for a fancy on the water brunch to start that classy weekend! I strongly suggest Le Bateau Mouche since it offers group events and has a romantic flirty feel to it. They offer Quebec Nordic cuisine that is always fresh and ready for eating. So let your bride enjoy a sunrise brunch with her best friends. She won't be disappointed.


3. Ritz Carlton Tea

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Get your pinkies up and your tea glasses ready for the Ritz Carlton high tea! A perfect way to relax and sit back with the bridal team to discuss the excitement over the upcoming wedding and events for you classy weekend. They offer delicious fresh pastries and even better tea! So don't let your bride miss out on her perfect weekend!


4. Pole Dancing Lessons

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Make your bridal team feel hot and sexy by taking them to Milan Pole Dance Studio located right here in Montreal. Don't be fooled... This is a insane workout!

Since it's a bachlorette weekend, you will most likely be a larger group so I suggest taking the corpotate team building activity. In this class, you will have more interaction with your bridal party where you will all laugh at one another and yourselves!

Not only are you getting a great work out, you are also given light refreshments! They offer a choreographed routine, a introduction to pole dancing, a short instructor's performance, and high quality equipment. Throughout the class, you are able to take pictures to forever remember the moment you all went pole dancing and had a blast together. They even make a music video for you!

So I strongly recommend heading to Milan Pole Dance Studio for a classy but sassy time with your bachlorette!


5. Terrasse Nelligan

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Head out to one of Montreal's most beautiful terasses in Montreal! Terrasse Nelligan has a unique view point of Montreal. Show your Bachlorette a good time by having her view the Notre Dame Basilica and the beautiful St. Lawrence river.

They have a great summer-time menu with refreshing wine and cocktails so that your classy bridal team can get a little tipsy for the night ahead. This is the perfect destination to go to after your relaxing spa day at Bota Bota! Your bride will love it.


6. Mani Pedis

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Head to Rouge Nail Bar on crescent to pamper your bride for the rest of the weekend's activities. Rouge Nail Bar is supper classy and will do a great job of making your bride feel like a princess! They have a beautiful relaxing environment and have very clean products for those mani pedis you are getting.

Make sure to schedule an appointment! And for your benefit they don't do Acrylics and trust me that's a good thing. So pamper your bride and enjoy some girl talk with the whole bridal team! Get those toes looking sharp and finger nails even sharper. Make sure to snap pictures of those fun nails you got!


7. Deville Dinerbar

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For some great drinks and even better food, head out with your fancy bridal party to Deville Dinerbar! Located on Stanley street in Montreal, Deville Dinerbar has a chic and sophistication environment. They bring together elements of the 21st century with that of the past.

So get dressed up a bit and bring your appetite for a great dinner and some drinks afterwards. Your bride will love the food and you even more. Deville is a perfect classy dinner location for your bachlorette weekend.


8. La Champagnerie

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You could also head out to Montreal's first and only Champagne Bar of Montreal, La Champagnerie! There is no better way to have a fancy weekend than with some fancy champagne. So have your bride blow up in excitement as she pops those champagne bottles.

With their diverse menu that changes regularly, your bridal team will enjoy a variety of food. They offer both elegant and electric atmospheres that your classy bride will surely love! So get to SAINT PAUL EST to get on that bubbly!


9. Wine Tasting

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Take a little field trip to Vignoble Bouche Art located in Bouchard Island. This vineyard produces authentic wine since 2000. So get your brides some of that sweet Quebec wine! They offer guided winery tours, tastings, art exhibits and opportunities to participate in grape harvests. It's a win for everyone as you will all be enjoying the great taste of wine.

Be sure to pack a picnic to accompany your fancy wine day to continue your bachlorette fun.


10. Yoga/Spinning

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Why not get your bride in shape for her perfect day! Bring the whole group to yoga or spinning to enjoy a great high intensity work out! Relax in yoga and then kick some butt in spinning.

It sure must be stressful to plan a wedding so I have a simple solution... Yoga! Montreal is known for holding over a dozen yoga studios! Some of my personal favourites are the hot yoga studios in Montreal! There is Bikram Yoga, Ensō Yoga, Moksha yoga, and many more! It's up to you to choose the one to take your bridal party to.

Then be sure to check out Spin Énergie for a high intensity work out where you and your bride will sweat all your stress away.

Facebook: Bikram Yoga, ensō yoga, Moksha yoga, Spin Énergie

11. Cooking class

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Bring your bride to a cooking class to prepare her for the future! Check out Montreal's Chef En Vous for a great culinary experience! It's a great group activity where the bridal party can laugh and enjoy food with each other.

You will learn how to prep, present, and taste everyone's dishes! So bring your bride to Chef En Vous to see if she has what it takes! Make sure to reserve!


12. Cocktail Class

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Get tipsy and


13. Shopping

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Shop your heart out and treat the bride to some great outfits for your nights out! It's a great way to bond with your bride and her friends. So get her that perfect classy bachlorette outfit at one of Montreal's great boutiques.

14. Karaoke

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Instead of hiting that strip club with all those... dicks, why not head out to K Bar Karaoke for some good laughs. After your great dinner at Deville, head to 2110 Crescent so that your bride can sing her heart out! It's far more classy than a stripe club and just as fun! Get tipsy and laugh the whole night.


15. Paint The Nite

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Another option as opposed to a strip club is Paint the Nite! Its a great time to get tipsy and make some beautiful art that the bachlorettes will remember forever! It's very simple, go on their website and choose an event, which has a specific theme, and buy your tickets. Your group will laugh the whole night at this classy event that you will all remember.


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