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14 Cute Montreal Café Terrases You Need To Go To This Summer

Places you'll have wished you discovered sooner.
14 Cute Montreal Café Terrases You Need To Go To This Summer

Cafe's are kind of my jam right now. I've found my passion in life and it's exploring the cutest cafes Montreal has to offer. I honestly drag my friends around with me and we explore Montreal's newest and coolest cafes. Once we're there we judge the quality of coffee, the atmosphere of the cafe, and the location.

It sounds like I'm being picky about my cafe's but it's really just a fun adventure and a cool way to explore the city we live in while enjoying the best lattes in the Montreal! Summer is the perfect time to plan these adventures because most of the Montreal cafes have their cute terrasses open.

So grab your closest friends and enjoy these cafes on your next coffee adventure!

1. Cafe Larue & Fils

Pit stop du mardi ☕️

A photo posted by V. (@victoriabouvy) on

244 Rue de Castelnau E

This cafe is located right on the corner of Castelnau and Henri-Julien allowing them to occupy two sidewalks with two terrasses. This summer they painted the sidewalk in front of the cafe which makes you feel like you're a part of the art. Enjoy a delicious coffee at this summer terrasse!


2. Le Moineau Masqué

Goal : create a life I don't need a vacation from. ?

A photo posted by Audrée / Elle M - Être & Vivre (@audree_ellem) on

912 Rue Marie-Anne

This adorable terrasse is located at the back of the cafe which allows you to escape the city streets for a little while and feel more immersed into nature. You can sit in a colourful chair with your refreshing iced coffee and read a good book under the trees. Doesn't that sound perfect?


3. Lili & Oli

Peaceful spot to enjoy the last days of summer! ? #mtlcafecrawl

A photo posted by @mtlcafecrawl on

2713 Rue Notre-Dame O

This adorable cafe right on Notre-Dame is perfect for the summertime. With a large outdoor terrasse you can enjoy your coffee while soaking up the sun! They also offer some amazing food so check it out.


4. Noble Cafe

#noblecafe #cofeeshop #mtl #laurier #mtlmoments

A photo posted by niko01 (@niko01) on

430 Avenue Laurier E

This spot is the perfect summer terrasse. Not only do they have delicious coffee but they offer some amazing summer treats as well! Come try their chocolate/vanilla swirl soft serve or a cookie dough ice cream sandwich! OMG right??


5. Cafe Myriade

Off to a good start. #cafemyriade #montreal #Montreal2016 #backincanada #bnachiktravels #travelbug #jetsetter #flyaway #ALadventures #fambamvacay #coffee #caffeine #latte #latteart #latteheart

A photo posted by Lor rie ? (@bcahniacnka) on

1432 Rue Mackay

Located right across the street from Concordia, this cafe is perfect for students and all coffee lovers. Their coffee is made with love and tastes like it! Their front terrasse is perfect for a summer chill with a good friend.


6. Caffe In Gamba

Caffè In Gamba -- Maison de l'Espresso #revolverenmontreal

A photo posted by Revolver (@revolvercoffee) on

5263 Av du Parc

This is an adorable little cafe located in the mile end. They make all of their coffees in cute red cup and their terrasse is set up with lines of fancy beige chairs and small marble table tops. This is one cafe terrasse you don't want to miss!


7. Cafe Melbourne

Good morning! | From the cafes to les «5 à 7», our city knows terrasses. ?| #mtlcafecrawl #vscocam #coffeeshops #mtl

A photo posted by Kathlene Espiritu (@kathlenee) on

4615 Boul St-Laurent

This cafe terrasse just can't be beat. I mean, look at it! Don't you just want to spend your afternoon lounging here with a perfect coffee and a good book? A cafe terrasse that features hanging plants and twinkling lights is honestly the best.


8. Moustache Cafe

I moustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later ? #3amigos #moustachecafe #mtlcafecrawl #montreal #vscocam

A photo posted by Mandy Lam ? (@mandielam) on

35 Rue Beaubien E

This cafe has a cute theme of moustaches! Their mason jars have little moustaches on them so when you drink out of them it looks like you have a little moustache. They also serve some amazing sandwiches for lunch. Come to this cafe for your next lunch break.


9. Cafe Les Oubliettes

Une petite terrasse pour étudier @etiennemtl ?☕️

A photo posted by @justineingenito on

6201 Rue de Saint Vallier

This adorable cafe sets up this terrasse during the summer months on the sidewalk. The interior of the cafe is decorated with cute paper cranes and they serve some amazing lunch food as well! Don't miss this cafe terrasse this summer.


10. Oui Mais Non

Afternoon coffee with no other than @cafeouimaisnon ? it's like they read every woman's mind and named a coffee shop after it. #OuiMaisNon _________ #coffeebreak #mtlcafecrawl #mtl #whitagram #minimal #whiteonwhite #igeramontreal #agencylife #socialmedialife #flowergram #mtlphoto #minimalmood #coffeelover

A photo posted by Mariella Katz (@ellakatzz) on

72 Rue Jarry E

This cafe offers some pretty cool things aside from coffee. Try an pink iced tea with a giant slice of watermelon sticking out of it for those hot summer days or try a barbie frappe (which is bright pink btw).


11. Cafe OSMO

@osmo_cafe's new backyard ✨ #mtlcafecrawl

A photo posted by @mtlcafecrawl on

51 Rue Sherbrooke O

Cafe OSMO is a super hip cafe dedicated to startup companies as a space where you can come and brainstorm and meet other startup professionals. The architecture and style of this cafe is like no other place in Montreal. For the summer months they open up their backyard area and set up colourful Muskoka chairs for you to enjoy.



I've warned you about this affogato before!?This month, I am sharing on @levieuxmontreal my favorite places and you all know how much I love @cafmtl so I had to include it in my top 7?☕️? Follow their account to not miss anything!

A photo posted by Caroline Chagnon (@caroline.chagnon) on

181 Place d'Youville

Located in Old Montreal, this cafe has so many cool things going on. Their specialty is their affogato, which is ice cream with a shot of espresso on top! They also make their own homemade ice cream for those hot summer days, and they make homemade mini pies! You can't go wrong making a trip out to this summer terrasse.


13. Dispatch Coffee

Free #cortado from @dispatchcoffee Thx! #mtlcafecrawl

A photo posted by Elena (@elenarazlogova) on

267 Rue Saint Zotique O

This cafe is a cool place to chill during the summer months. With their outdoor terrasse up for business, their classic cold brew coffee, and their special summer drinks like hibiscus and cinnamon iced tea, you're gonna leave here satisfied!


14. Kitsune

can I have those in my room ?

A photo posted by ANGIE (@angieechen) on

19 Rue Prince Arthur O

Kitsune is a hip cafe located in the Plateau. It's perfect for a study space or a chill hangout space with your closest friends. Their terrasse is even better because it's located at the back of the cafe where you can escape the sound of the city for a little while surrounded by trees.


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