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14 "Finger Licking Good" Chicken & Waffles Spots You Gotta Try Before You Die In Montreal

Montreal already has crazy food combinations so why not add chicken and waffles to our list! This may sound odd to the ordinary taste buds but trust me, it is absolutely delicious! The combination of delightful chicken and sweet waffles makes your heart melt.

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This dish originated in the South and has managed to make it's way to Montreal. Now, Montreal actually has some of the best chicken and waffle restaurants in all of Canada! So, get on that sweet and savory cravings with some chicken and waffles.

1. Rubs BBQ Américain Will Give You A Foodgasm

Chicken fries and waffle, mac And cheese, Maple syrop with jack Daniel #food #foodiemtl #jackdaniel

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699 Cure Labelle

For a Southern Georgian twist, check out Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse! You get three pieces of fried chicken served with Belgian waffles and Jack Daniels maple syrup. It is absolutely delicious and a sweet treat for that special someone!


2. Foiegwa Will Give You A Foodgasm

Brunch en amoureux 🍳🥐☕️#nokids 👌 #adulting 👊#thanksgrandma 🙏

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3001 Rue Notre-Dame O

This awesome French style diner located in St-Henri has people talking and it definitely does not disappoint. Foiegwa’s charm lies in the white ceramic ceiling walls filled with framed portrait caricatures. This cool place delivers fine French cuisine in an upscale diner setting – unlike anything else in Montreal; you get the best of both worlds!


3. Le Bird Bar Will Give You A Foodgasm

The obligatory post-bachelorette chicken & waffles brunch. 👰🏻👯 #carory

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1800 Rue Notre-Dame O

This restaurant specializes in fried chicken and champagne, served in a super gorgeous and contemporary setting. Its new, hip, and ready for you when you decide to bring your mouth buds to heaven!


4. Deville Will Give You A Foodgasm

This week's grilled southern waffle and BBQ chicken sandwich! /// Sandwich de la semaine gaufre grillée du sud avec poulet BBQ! ☀️ #DevilleDinerbar #Montreal #mtl #mtlmoments #citylife #nightlife #mtlfood #mtlfoodie #igersmontreal #foodie #foodporn #onthetable #yummy #bonappetit

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1425 Stanley

I suggest trying Deville's BBQ Southern waffle sandwich! Trust me, it is absolutely great and a fabulous dish for lunch. It is personally one of my favourites as it is filled with more than chicken and waffles. It also has crispy unions, bacon, and much more!

The Southern Fried Chicken Salad is one of Deville's specialties! The bowl includes great vegetables, fried buttermilk chicken crispers, bacon, shredded cheese, and waffle croutons that are coated with bourbon pear dressing. It's a "healthier" option for those who would like something a bit litter on their plate!


5. Chez Bouffe Will Give You A Foodgasm

Brunch with her 😍 #brunch #chickenandwaffles #ondejeune

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4316 rue Sainte-Catherine Est

For some great brunch, check out Chez Bouffe for some chicken and waffles! They serve their chicken with caramelized unions and maple syrup for those who have a sweet tooth. It is absolutely delicious and one of their most popular dishes!


6. Prohibition Montréal Will Give You A Foodgasm

Amazing fried chicken with deep fried French toast for breakfast. It's good for muscle recovery 😂😂😂😂😂

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5674 Monkland Ave

If you want some great comfort food at a reasonable price, then check out Prohibition Montreal. Enjoy brunch or dinner with chicken and a sweet piece of French toast! Prohibition Montreal is a bit different than the rest since they serve chicken with French toast. So if you know that you love chicken and waffles then check out chicken and French toast!


7. Fabergé Will Give You A Foodgasm

Good Morning 'Murica Style #Breakfast #chickennwaffles #GoodTimes

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25 Avenue Fairmount W

If you would like a great lunch with some fresh fruit, then order the chicken and waffles dish at Fabergé. It's a great treat for that special someone. So don't miss out on having a delightful lunch at Fabergé.


8. The Sparrow Will Give You A Foodgasm

At the lovely Sparrow with @leemayyy #latergram #BabesDoBrunch #ChickenNWaffles

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5322 Boul. St-Laurent

If you like buttermilk chicken and fresh waffles, then the Sparrow is the place to be for brunch. They have delicious chicken nuggets served with waffle bits that you will fall in love with! The presentation is fabulous just like the food!


9. SuWu Will Give You A Foodgasm

You can't go wrong with Fried Chicken n' Blueberry waffles! Try our spin on this breakfast classic every weekend from 11-3! 🐔

A post shared by suwumontreal (@suwumontreal) on

3581 St. Laurent

For some more French toast twists, check out SuWu in Montreal! They offer what seems to be a genius dish too their costumers. This dish includes French toast, chunks of fresh chicken, and a sweet blueberry sauce.


10. Le Chien Fumant Will Give You A Foodgasm

#peruvian #pachamama #londoneats #chickenwaffles #sundayswithfriends #fusionfeasts

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4710 rue De Lanaudière

For some of the best and most fresh chicken waffles in Montreal I suggest trying Le Chien Fumant. It is great, gourmet, and yummy!


11. Nouveau Palais Will Give You A Foodgasm

#latergram du délicieux brunch du @nouveau_palais Poulet croustillant sur gaufre et sirop d'érable #brunch #montreal #mtl #nouveaupalais #instafood #instagood

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281 Bernard W

Make your weekend brunch special by taking your date to Nouveau Palais for chicken and waffles. This dish is only offered during weekend brunches so get planning! It is tasteful, elegant, homey, and yummy all in one!


12. Pub BreWskey Will Give You A Foodgasm

#chickenwaffles #waffle #chicken #montreal @pubbrewskey #montrealfood #montrealrestaurant #comfortfood #foodphotography #foodpics #food

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Bonsecours Market

This restaurant is literally a 10/10! They have cheap drinks and a chicken and waffle dish that will absolutely BLOW your mind! I ain't no chef but I sure do know that these chicken and waffles are A-1!


13. Irish Embassy Pub & Grill Will Give You A Foodgasm

Chicken wafflessss 😍😍😍

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1234 Bishop

Offered seasonally, I suggest checking out the Irish Embassy Pub & Grill. They have great chicken and waffles it's just that their menu change regularly so it may be hard to get it. However, It is always worth a shot!


14. La Dinette Will Give You A Foodgasm

Waffles, chicken, bbq sauce and cheese😍 hella good breakfast!! #foodporn

A post shared by Gabriela (@_pankeki) on

7066 Sherbrooke St E

For a charming sweet and savory treat, I suggest heading to Dinette! Not only is this small restaurant absolutely adorable with its decor, but it also serves FABULOUS chicken and waffles!


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