15 Fun Oktoberfest 2014 Events Happening In And Around Montreal

The greatest excuse to drink a lot beer.

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October is all but here, and with the dawn of the first full month of fall comes a plethora of parties focused on Montreal's favourite past time: drinking beer. The city shares its love of beer with Germany, and that is why Montreal loves to throw a good Oktoberfest party.

Oktoberfest technically lasts all month long, but many of the best parties occur within the first week of October. A variety of Oktoberfest celebrations are going on all around and near the city, from giant student parties, to food-focused events, to farmers markets being turned into beer gardens. Get in the know and don't miss out on Oktoberfest in Montreal.

Oktoberfest Sherbrooke

Where: Université de Sherbrooke

When: Friday, Oct 03 from 6:00 PM - 3:00 AM

Running for the 14th year in a row is the Université de Sherbrooke's Oktoberfest, which claims to be the largest university party of its kind in all of the province. Expect traditional tunes, sexy students clad in classic German get ups, and special 1L beer mugs for you to drink up all the beer what will be flowing.

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Marché Atwater Oktoberfest

Where: Atwater Market

When: October 03 - October 05

For three days, Atwater Market will become a legit beer garden, hosting over 45 different Quebec microbreweries who will wet your whistle with their locally produced brews. Resident butchers and charcutiers at Atwater Market will also be doling out the sauerkraut and sausages, with other vendors following suit and offering special Oktoberfest products.

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JMIBA Oktoberfest

Where: Bier Markt (map)

When: Tuesday, Oct 07 @ 7:00 PM

If there are two things business students know how to do, it is network and party. Both combine for the John Molson School of Business's first Oktoberfest party, which will equally be about meeting people in the program while also drinking loads of beer. Non-students may want to attend solely for the specially imported Krombacher Hell beer (not available in Canada) and the selection of Oktoberfest-style hors d’oeuvres.

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Gerts Oktoberfest Extravaganza

Where: Gerts

When: Friday, Oct 03, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

McGill's on-campus bar will be hosting yet another all day and all night Oktoberfest event, giving students a chance to grab a quick pint (or three) before, in-between, and after classes. Special 1L steins of beer will be served, along with traditional German eats, all in the ambiance of cute yet kitschy decorations. McGill students don't miss a chance to go hard, so expect a good time.

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OktoBECfest 2014

Where: Loft le 4ème (map)

When: Thursday, October 16 @ 6:00 PM

Montreal's major media moguls (like Kijiji, Zoom Media, and AOL) are joining forces to throw a giant Oktoberfest party in the Old Port. More of a post-work 5@7, expect more professionals than young folks in lederhosen, but still look forward to plenty of beer and eats. Boréale is also a partner, which definitely says something.

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Traditionnel Oktoberfest Du BSBP 2e Édition

Where: Université De Montréal

When: Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014 from 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

UdeM students will have it made at their second annual Oktoberfest party, simply because the beer and food will be amazingly affordable. Standard beers will be $2, the stronger stuff will be $3, and German sausage sandwiches to fuel your drinking will only be $3.50. Prices fit for a student, and great for everyone else.

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Krombacher Hell: L’Oktoberfest

Where: Bier Market (map)

When: September 30 - October 31, 2014

Rather than throw a giant jam themselves, Bier Market is giving beer lovers a month-long Oktoberfest gift in the form of a special beer, the Krombacher Hell. not regularly available in Canada, the lager is described as full-bodied, malty, and refreshing, which you can also order in a boot, if you're feeling especially in the Oktoberfest spirit.

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Abendbrot & German Pinots Noirs

Where:Labo Culinaire Foodlab

When:Thursday, Oct. 16 @ 5:00 PM

Oktoberfest isn't all about beer. Well, yeah, it kind of is, but that doens't mean you can't celebrate with food and wine instead. To let you taste the flavours of Germany, the Foodlab is hosting a special Abendbrot meal to be paired with German pinot noirs made by three different winemakers. For the classier folk among us, or the foodies, this may be the Oktoberfest event for you.

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Mois d’Oktoberfest

Where: Les 3 Brasseurs (multiple locations)

When: October 04 - October 30

Montreal's favourite micro-brewery chain will be creating a special beer for the entire month of October, inspired by traditional German brewing methods. A special combo of water, malt, yeast, alcohol, and some CO2 make up the "La Munich" beer, which will hands down go great with Les 3 Brasseurs German-style food menu.

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Montreal Fete De La Bavière 2014

Where: Marché Bonsecours (map)

When: October 03 - October 05

An event thrown in collaboration between Quebec and Bavaria (so you know its legit) the Montreal Fete de la Baviere will be a three day event with over 80 different special products for you to try, with plenty of beer making up that number. Better yet, attendees can also enterin a competition to win a free trip to Berlin for Oktoberfest 2015.

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Taverne Gaspar Oktoberfest

Where: Taverne Gaspar (map)

When: October 01 - October 31 @ 5:00 PM

All month long the Old Port's Taverne Gaspar will be celebrating Oktoberfest, offering all of Montreal a smoked sausage menu and beer specials on Gaspar Lager to wash is all down with. Month long drink and food specials sounds good to us.

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The Royal Canadian Hussars Association’s Oktoberfest Party

Where: The Royal Canadian Hussars Association (map)

When: Saturday, Oct 04 @ 4:30 PM

A very simple and straight up Oktoberfest, the Royal Canadian Hussars Association is offering members and non-members alike a complete meal of beer and sausages, which is what Oktoberfest is all about.

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Oktoberfest At HELM

Where: HELM Microbrasserie (map)

When: October 01 - October 31

The Mile End's favourite microbrewery with street names for beers will be sporting 5 different German brews for the entire month of October, including their classic Clark (pilsner) and Bloomfield (heifweizen), along with the seasonal Groll (dunkelweizen) and two 8.4% beers that are sure to take the edge off, the Casgainator (doppelbock) and the HELM500. On the food side of things you'll be able to make on mix Montreal-made craft sausages and other German inspired delicacies.

Oktoberfest Ottawa

Where: Clark Field Park (map)

When: October 03 - October 05

A short drive out of Montreal will take you to Eastern Ontario's largest Oktoberfest party, and although it isn't in the city, it'll be worth the trek. Local bands will play, a sausage eating competition will be held, and the event boasts the world's longest Bier Tent, stocked with local craft beer. Expect three days of delightful debauchery.

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