14 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If You Don’t Drink

Get drunk on love.
14 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If You Don’t Drink

Whether you're in the first throws of budding love with someone new, or enjoy getting out and about with your long-term partner, Montreal offers a serious amount of awesome bars to go to for a night on the town. Nothing like a few drinks to unwind and get in the mood, right? But what if drinking isn't really your thing? Or maybe you're just a little bored of the boozy scene and are looking for something different to do for your next date.

Going on a date doesn't always need to revolve around drinks to be fun (but it sure helps), so we came up with a few sober date ideas sure to warm you up more than alcohol ever could.

1. Get your feline caffeine on

A coffee-shop date is a regular go-to when thinking outside the bar box, but do one better by taking your date to North America's first-ever cat cafe and mingle with friendly felines while you engage in your caffeinated conversation.

2. Get your art on at the Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal is no stranger to art, and neither should you be. Going to the museum with that special someone is a great way to spend some quality time with each other while absorbing some masterpieces. The Rodin exhibition at the MBAM is a solid place to start.

Photo cred - @andreeadeea

3. Get your spa on at Bota Bota

Life can be stressful, but your date doesn't have to be. With plenty of choices all over the city, may we suggest a couples spa-day at Montreal's scenic Bota Bota located right on the St-Laurence. The soothing waves of the river will hopefully inspire some motions of your own later on.

4. Get your Eros on at Cinema L'Amour

If you and your date are feeling a little more...adventurous, head over to Cinema L'Amour for some risqué(and yes, porno) films to get you guys in the mood. As Montreal's oldest sexy cinema, originally opened in 1918, the history alone is worth the trip.

5. Get your skate on at the Old Port

If everything is going to freeze over, you might as well make the best of it. Taking your date ice skating is a classic move, especially in Montreal as there are plenty of ice rinks around, but the most charming spot is definitely the Old Port with the beauty of the city's skyline as a backdrop. Impress your date with your fancy skating skills, or snuggle up close for that extra romantic touch.

6. Get your IMAX on at the Montreal Science Centre

Going to see a movie might seem a bit cliché, but it doesn't make it any less optimal for a date night with your special someone. Step up your movie game though, by checking out one of the spectacular IMAX documentaries at the Montreal Science Centre. And when the movie is over, explore the rest of the center while holding hands.

7. Get your culture on at Place des Arts

Montreal offers its fair share of high-end culture, so why not get a little dolled up and impress your date by taking in a ballet, an opera, some theater, or a musical? This winter, Place des Arts is showing a couple of massively successful Broadway hits - The Book of Mormon and Jersey Boys - so check 'em out!

Photo cred - Appetite For Books

8. Get your cooking class on at Appetite For Books

Just because Will Smith swelled up like a sea monkey in that movie Hitch shouldn't deter you from taking a date to a cooking class. Appetite For Books is a nifty cookbook store in Westmount that offers intimate nighttime cooking classes for all levels and is perfect for your next drink-free date.

9. Get your stroll on at Mount-Royal

Depending on the weather, a leisurely stroll up Mount Royal is the perfect way to connect with each other, and nature of course, and once at the summit, the Kondiaronk Belvedere rewards you with the best view of the city. Pretty romantic indeed.

10. Get your swing dance on at Cat's Corner

There's really no better way to see how you groove with each other than taking a dance class together. Cat's Corner offers swing dance classes for everyone to try, and even if the date doesn't work out, at least you've picked up a new skill and got to touch each other casually.

11. Get your science on at Biodome/Planetarium

The Montreal Biodome and Planetarium make excellent spots to go on a date when you are not looking to drink. I mean who doesn't like looking at animals, and a star-filled darkened room seems like a pretty good spot to steal a smooch.

12. Get your fun on at the Pepsi Forum

Show your playful side by taking your date to the Pepsi Forum for a big selection of interactive video games, air hockey tables, pinball machines, pool tables and bowling alleys. You can even have a friendly wager to see who gets the most wins by the end of the night for a special prize.

13. Get your tourist on at Montreal landmarks

Just because you live in Montreal, doesn't necessarily mean you've visited all the landmarks. Even if you have, try taking your next date to the lamest tourist thing you can think of and enjoy the sights like no one is watching.

14. Get your farmer's market on at Marche Jean-Talon/Atwater

Browse the colorful stands of the Jean-Talon or Atwater markets together and pick out some tasty eats for a romantic picnic in the park or a candle-lit dinner at home.