14 "Hidden" Cafés In Montreal You And Your BFF Absolutely Need To Discover This Summer

They're all espressoly good.
14 "Hidden" Cafés In Montreal You And Your BFF Absolutely Need To Discover This Summer

Well well well, I'm sure that if you are reading this that you have read our other articles about the cutest cafes in Montreal. But now, I have something even better! It's no secret that Montreal is home to amazing cafes, but what you probably didn't know was that there are hidden cafes in Montreal that need to be discovered by you this summer!

I mean Montreal literally has terasse cafes to boat cafes that are perfect to go to with your bff this summer. Well now, I challenge you to explore at least half of the hidden cafes from the list below. These cafes are absolutely adorable! Like I literally can't stop looking at the pictures of all 13 of these cafes.

Some of you might have already discovered these cafes so feel free to share any hidden ones we missed! I strongly recommend checking out these cafes for an adorable time with your friends. The food is delicious, the service is great, and common they are absolutely stunning! So get on that coffee grind!

1. Enjoy A Snack At The Floating Boat Café

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The Canal near Atwater Avenue.

Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant is drop dead gorgeous! Just yesterday I was on is when I biked to Atwater market with my boyfriend and we had a great time! It is free entry and you can sit on the boat for as long as you please. The food is delicious and they just opened to it's pretty bumping. I strongly suggest checking them out after a nice walk in Atwater market.


2. Enjoy A Snack At September Surf Cafe

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2471 Rue Notre-Dame O

This newly opened cafe is the definition is simply cute. They have a casual atmosphere that isn't over the top. In other words, it's a simple lovely cafe that is perfect for a little snack. You won't be overwhelmed by plants or the increasing white walls here!


3. Enjoy A Snack At Moustache café

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35 Beaubien Est

For a fun and just about as cute as it can get cafe, then I recommend checking out Moustache café! All their drinks come in a cup that has a mustache on it of those cute pictures we know you want to take. They have a fun loving atmosphere with unique drinks and beautiful plants. They even have a superb terasse in the summer!


4. Enjoy A Snack At Cafe Melbourne

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4615 Boul St-Laurent

If you want a taste of an Australian cafe, then Melbourne is the place to be! Located in the Mile-End/Plateau area, Melbourne is absolutely delicious and super cute! They have an awesome terasse and authentic Australian treats! I strongly suggest checking them out this summer!


5. Enjoy A Snack At Tunnel Espresso

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1253 McGill College Avenue & 1140 de Maisonneuve West

For a quick bite when your on your way to work or school from peel metro, I suggest checking out Tunnel Espresso! They have quick snacks and drinks that are perfect when you are on the go!


6. Enjoy A Snack At Le Baobab

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4800 Rue Wellington

If you happen to be in Verdun this summer then cafe Baobab is the place for you! They have a cute backyard terasse and a large indoors seating area as well. It is chilled with colors and it is perfect for the summer adventures! It's unique and they have a light hearted ambiance.


7. Enjoy A Snack At Boulangerie Rustique Sweet Lee’s

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4150 Wellington

Bakery Sweet Lee's Rustic stands out by offering a delicious range of sweet and savory treats. In addition, Sweet Lee's has a counter dedicated to coffees, teas and drinks through handicrafts Microtorréfacteur Saint-Henri. It is also located in Verdun and they have great fresh snacks and a contemporary ambiance.


8. Enjoy A Snack At Larue & Fils

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244, De Castelnau est

For some absolutely perfect coffee, I suggest checking out Larue & Fils! They have great freshly brewed coffee that is perfect for all your coffee needs! They are simply perfect and they offer a great relaxing environment.


9. Enjoy A Snack At Cafe OSMO

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51 Rue Sherbrooke O

If you have writers block of would like to hold a meeting with some coworkers, then cafe OSMO is the place to be! It is a great location to brainstorm while enjoying yummy food and a cozy atmosphere. Or, if you just want to relax and forget about work then it's perfect for that too!


10. Enjoy A Snack At  La Distributrice

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408 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

If you want to be able to say that you've been to the smallest cafe in North America, then you HAVE to go to La Distributrice! I literally walk past it every morning and I always get a coffee there at least once a week! The service is great! Everyone always has a smile on their face and they know how to make your morning better with some perfection in a cup.


11. Enjoy A Snack At Anticafé Montreal

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294 Saint-Catherine W

For those who love free things, this is the place for you! They have free coffee, free cookies, high-speed internet, and a beautiful view of the city. It's a perfect working location for students since it is a quick environment that serves strong coffee to keep the juices flowing.


12. Enjoy A Snack At Arhoma

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1700 Ontario E

For a bakery cafe, Arhoma is the perfect place to be. They have a beautiful seating area, great caffeine, yummy pastries, and delectable sandwiches. It's all homemade and absolutely delicious! They have a beautiful terasse that is perfect for summer.


13. Enjoy A Snack At Café Sfouf

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1250 Rue Ontario E

Café Sfouf is best known for their “sfouf,” a Middle Eastern cake made with semolina and turmeric. These cakes are amazing with a freshly brewed coffee or latte. You will enjoy the cozy atmosphere and your delightful food with someone who loves coffee just as much as you.


14. Enjoy A Snack At La Croissanterie Figaro

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5200 rue Hutchison

If you want that 1 am coffee than La Croissant Figaro is the place for you! They have a stunning terasse and honestly the best snacks! Whenever I go, I can honestly say that it feel like I am Paris all over again! They have that Paris romance in the air and the delightful food to match! Not many people know about them so check it out for yourself!


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