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14 Montreal Bars You Should Go Drinking At If You’re Young, Broke, And Wild

Pick a day, grab your best friends and get out there.

Ah yes, it is summer and it't time to get wild... on a budget for the majority of us young Montrealers. Montreal is home to hundreds of great bars and clubs but let's be honest, sometimes your wallet is lacking game to compete with these hot bars. Not to worry! Instead of breaking your head over which bar you want to go to with your power group of friends on a budget just check out this list!

This list is designed to help you enjoy Montreal's summer'16 without putting a dent in your bank account. These cheap bars provide great service and superb drinks that range from a variety of beers to hard liquor. So I suggest taking it upon yourself to go to one bar a week with your friends to enjoy the rest of the summer in Montreal!

This is truly fun for everyone whether you are 18 or 25! Going for drinks doesn't have to be a hassle anymore since you won't need to dump your whole wallet out for one night with your friends! I mean who knows, even if you aren't broke one day you might still go to these bars just because of how amazing they are!

1. Party At Winnie's On A Budget

A photo posted by Jessie-Marie (@jessieciccarello) on

1455 Rue Crescent

If you enjoy going out during the week to down town Montreal, than Winnie's is the place for you! It's location is perfect and it's prices are even better! They have great specials like on Tuesdays where they have 2$ shots! It's a great place to get drunk on a budget this summer with your friends since it is always bumping.

2. Party At Le Sainte Élisabeth On A Budget

A photo posted by Guto Veneno (@gutoveneno) on

1412 Saint Elisabeth

If beer is your go to drink, then I suggest checking out Le Sainte Élisabeth! It has a beautiful terraces and pints for under 5$ everyday! It's a great place to just hangout or to get tipsy at since you are basically drinking in a garden!


3. Party At Madhatter On A Budget

A photo posted by Danielle Smith (@daniellesmithmtl) on

1208 Cresent

For cheap beer and even cheaper shots, Madatter is another great location to get tipsy at with your friends! You can enjoy cheap shots that are around 3 dollars and pitchers of beer for 10 dollars. This is all due to the “recession proof pricing” that Madhatter has instilled in their store policy. They even have 1$ beer on a Thursday night!


4. Party At McKibbin’s On A Budget

A photo posted by Minh ? (@minhou) on

3515 Saint Laurent + 1426 Bishop

If you just love beer and Saint Laurent street, then McKibbin's is the place for you! It has a great party atmosphere with pints of beer for under 5 dollars! So you can enjoy a cheap night out while walking down St. Laurent street tispy.


5. Party At Bar Bifteck On A Budget

A photo posted by Danny Jones (@baroque_ass) on

3702 Boul St-Laurent

For some huge and delicious 10$ pitchers you should definitely check out Bifteck! They have great service, a chill environment, and great drinks! Not only can you get tipsy here, but you can also relax and play some pool even if you are on a budget.


6. Party At Nesta On A Budget

A photo posted by SONIA OUALIA ✨ (@sonii20) on

3519 Boul St-Laurent

If you love delicious candy flavored shots t a reasonable price, then Nesta is the place to be! Nesta can be considered a lounge, club, or bar depending on the night and it is the perfect place to go to on a Friday for drinks with your friends!


7. Party At Blue Dog On A Budget

A photo posted by Snapchat FAROKHS ?, Montréal ? (@farokhgoodlife) on

3958 Boul St-Laurent

For some affordable drinks in a party atmosphere, Blue Dog is the place it be! The music is super fun and you won't regret going there on a Saturday night! It is always busy and filled with people who are just as broke as me and you.


8. Party At Next Door Pub And Grill On A Budget

A photo posted by NextDoor Pub | NDG | Montreal (@nextdoorpub) on

5175 Sherbrooke O

For cheap drinks, delicious nacho, and 30 cent chicken wings, then the Next Door Pub is calling your name! They have delicious food and cheap drinks that you and your friends will absolutely love!


9. Party At Cafe Campus On A Budget

A photo posted by Alexa P (@_lil_lex) on

57 Prince Arthur E

Ah yes, Cafe Campus... What Montrealer hasn't been there at least once in their life. Cafe Campus may charge you a cover fee but that;s only because their drinks are SO cheap! Everyone is always drunk there and the reason being is because of how cheap everything is! So save money and drink the night away.


10. Party At Dieu Du Ciel On A Budget

A photo posted by LINA (@linabtullgren) on

29 Avenue Laurier Ouest

For some exotic beer only $5.75-6.50 a pint then Dieu Du Ciel is the place to be. Not only are their prices on point but so is their quality of beer! You can also enjoy their cute terasse in the summer time for a nice refreshing drink. You will be saying "oh mon Dieu!" after every sip!


11. Party At Casa Del Popolo On A Budget

A photo posted by Emma Carroll (@emma_carroll) on

4873 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal

They describe themselves as a hipster cafe and I could not agree more. I was actually just here at Casa Del Popolo yesterday to enjoy some live music. They have a great atmosphere and really cheap drinks that everyone can enjoy. They have two rooms; a cafe lounge area and a bar! It is gorgeous and super chill.


12. Party At Alexandraplatz On A Budget

A photo posted by Katie Heinzer (@katieheinzer) on

6731 Avenue de l’Esplanade

When it's a hot summer day and your looking for a cute terasse to enjoy some nice drinks at, then I recommend heading to the secret Alexandraplatz! They have great drinks that are within your budget and the ambiance is fun and light hearted. Most importantly, you get that hipster vibe!


13. Party At La Shop On A Budget

A photo posted by Edm Fashion Designer ? (@venaticci) on

4177a Rue Saint-Denis

For a delightful cheap time I recommend heading to La Shop in Montreal's Plateau area! Not only is the environment fun and fresh, but it is also SO cheap! Everyday they have shots that are 2-3$ each so it truly is the perfect location for cheap drinks in Montreal if you want to have a wild time!


14. Party At Moose Bawr On A Budget

A photo posted by Jillian Belliveau (@jillianamandaa) on

1817 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

As you walk down town this summer, I suggest checking out Moose Bawr to save some money on drinks! Moose Bawr serves reasonably priced drinks in a fun atmosphere that includes delicious food and much more. You can;t go wrong with Moose Bawr on a weekday or on the weekend when you are broke!


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